Monday, October 20, 2014

Costume Party 2014

There are a lot of October birthdays in our family so usually they are celebrated in a joint even at some point during the month. This year I volunteered to host the party since my house is extremely festive right now. The birthday party is one of two big Halloween bashes we are having this year, the other of course being on Halloween night, but Aunt Kari and Uncle Able will be out of town for that so we will be going all out, twice. This party was obviously Halloween themed, as is our entire house. Costumes were optional, but everyone wore one for at least some period of time during the night.

 Here are the boys under our new party tent. Of course we had to decorate the tent with some Halloween goodies!!

Here was our creepy menu:
-Jack o Lantern cheese burgers which I think ended up not actually looking like Jack-O-Lanterns, failure on the grillers part
-Jack-O-Lantern Butternut squash
-Pumpkin deviled eggs
-Carmel corn served out of caldron with skeleton hands
-Vampire Donuts (donuts with vampire teeth in the middle chocolate chips for eyes)
-Scary Halloween cupcakes with all sorts of spooky things on top
-Carrots in the shape of a jack-o-lantern with cucumber eyes with dip
-Spooky punch with an ice cube hand, floating eye balls, and dry ice to make is smoke/extra creepy
-Ice cubes with worms, snakes, or flies frozen in them
-Spooky little wienies
-And chips and dip which wasn't really that spooky

Who was in attendance:
-Elsa: played my Aunt Abbey, not Maggie
-Two pumpkins: Maggie and Grandma
-Boba Fett: Brendan
-Batman: Everett
-Curious George/Dracula/Spiderman(ever so briefly): Zane
-Man in the Yellow Hat: Zach, who wore his costume for all of five minutes, claiming it was "too hot" that cannot happen on Halloween night.
-Spooky Chef: Uncle Able
-Scarecrow in a tie: Uncle Brent
-Lady Liberty: Aunt Kari
-Witch: Yours truly
-Purple Penguin a la Uncle Able's childhood costume: Rowan

 The Korenaks
 The Ladies
 The Newly Weds
 The pumpkins
 Rowan in the Purple Penguin costume that Grandma made for Uncle Able back in the day.
 I apparently don't have the full Richard clan, but here are Mr. & Mrs. Richards

We were quite the amazing crew and most of us rocked our costumes all evening. I loved my tutu, even though I'm sure it made me look huge, it was comfy and sparkly, and left a trail of glitter everywhere I went.There was a party game, of course, Bat in the Cave, which is like pin the tail on the donkey only you're trying to put the bats in the cave. There is apparently a tent at the fair in the Curious George Halloween movie called Bat in the Cave, but I adapted it to this into a party game and made our very own cave. There were requests to bob for apples, which I guess we'll have to do at the next party.

 A literal bat in the cave!

 While other people were putting bats in a cave, Rowan was hitting the party punch a little too hard. If you left your cup unattended, Ro was downing it!

Grandma got her present, which was a huge hammock, that was tons of fun to lay in and to fall out of. Yes, the eventually ended in tears, but I think there was much more fun had in it than injury. I think at the end of the night all the grandkids were in the hammock, with Uncle Able, star gazing with blankets, pillows, and party drinks.

 After dinner there was a mass pumpkin carving that I happily enjoyed watching and photographing without having to be elbow deep in pumpkin guts. Rowan chose to draw on his belly instead, which was great. Somehow the pumpkin carving ended with everyone in their underwear, I think so as not to get costumes dirty, but made it difficult to take internet appropriate pictures.

 Korenak boys with Zane's scary ghost pumpkin

 Ro wasn't carving so he just chewed on a knife, excellent parenting on my part!
 Take a good look at those awesome socks!

I think a good time was had by all and I'm so glad everyone got to enjoy all the Halloween fun here at the Korenak casa. We'll be ready to do it all over again on Halloween night!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Halloween excitement continues at our house. We have done a ton of different art projects and I'm starting to disappoint Zane because I am quickly running out of ideas. The "drying station," a.k.a the top part of my counter in the kitchen, is starting to become a little overwhelming and I'm not sure what we are going to do with all this art. Rowan is definitely getting in on all the crafting as well. He painted "monsters" (toilet paper rolls), helped put eyes and arms on them, painted a plate orange that we later added a pumpkin face too, and loves all things spiders (spidies in 19 month old speek). He also says skelie for skeleton, and punkie for pumpkin. Anyway, after all of this our house looks kind of like a first grade classroom on crack, but is nothing if not festive.

 This painting festivity took place on Rowan's craziest day. You can imagine how fun that was!
Zane reads this Halloween magazine ALL the time for new Halloween ideas.

 2. Our weekend Fall/Halloween activity was the Pumpkin Palooza at Mitch Park. That is a fantastic name, that leads one to believe there would be a lot of pumpkins and all sorts of other funtvities. This should have more appropriately been call a fall/halloween carnival since there were maybe ten little games kids could play for candy prizes. The boys did get to bust out their costumes for the first time. Zane choose Ninja Turtle, really only his shell and sword, the mask interfered with the game playing, and Rowan was an adorable tiger. We waited all day for this event to begin, I really wish we would have done something else instead. Our list of Fall activities is long we don't have very many weekends to get them done.

 Yes, I rocked my witches hat!

3. Friday morning Zane decided to call Uncle Able, unbeknownst to me, which led to a morning of fun with him. We met for breakfast then Able came with us to see Otto. Turns out Otto is rarely there, it just so happened we him our first two time to ever go so now Zane is disappointed every time we go and he isn't there.We went again today with Maggie and it did not fail to disappoint.

 4. For those of you who thought I might have rushed to judgement on Rowan turning two, sadly I did not. He remains a crazy person, full body fits, not wanting to take naps, hitting people in the face, all sorts of fun. I am not excited about this new phase, but he remains so cute I just can hardly stand it. 
 This was today's two year old show down of the day. He choose to not play in the gymnastic area because I told him he couldn't take his juice to go play. But that was HIS decision.
5. Today Zach headed to North Dakota for work, leaving me to single parent the rest of the week. Today Grandma hung out with us, as did Maggie since her mom is in D.C. Able's wife got in on the traveling action as well and is in Montana. I want to go to a random location for a few days!! Anyway, I'm saying my prayers that Rowan doesn't loose his mind tonight because Mommy does not cut it at night time. 

6. Tonight was the last Blue Falcon's game. It was a night game, under the lights. We hadn't braved a night game because they start right around bed time but I couldn't miss the last one. The Falcons struggled but a great time was had by all. It was maybe a little bit too late of night for Ro, who decided to would just lay down in the middle of the side walk. 

7. I made an adult tutu this week. Turns out tule with any kind of glitter in it is a terrible idea, but how was I to know, I don't make tutus often, or ever. Also, tutu's are not flattering on an already fat body, but what else am I suppose to wear for a witch's costume. I'm all set and think I might set it on fire after Halloween. 

8. We got two knew fish this week. You'll never guess their names, Dracula and Pumpkin. I'm telling you, Halloween crazy. Rowan has taken to really loving them and checks on them all the time. So far so good with no murders of the new guys. 

9. Happy Birthday to my mom, tomorrow. We took her to an early birthday lunch today and I think might have a birthday dinner over here tomorrow, followed by the official October bday party on Sunday. October is busy month for birthdays, we are working on getting bday cards made for everyone here as well. 

10. Ok, I'm exhausted and can't come up with number ten, so how about some random cute photos from my phone from this past week. 

First up, Zane and I's "scary selfie" Zane's words, not mine.
Then Ro in a clown hat, no pants.
 and finally little Ro with his dinosaur, who has taken to cuddling, sleeping with, and even sometimes offering him his binki. Oh and of course he makes him roar to scare people. Classic boy fun!


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

This Day: Rowan Turns Two

Today started at five fifty in the morning. I had one day off before going back to work tomorrow, five fifty wasn't when I wanted to start it. We tried sending Zane back to bed, which ended in door slamming, fit throwing, and everyone in the house being awake by six. That's too early to call the ball on a day so we powered forward. Zach made Halloween pancakes, complete with a No Noggin one, and was almost late to work. Once Zach was on his way we pulled ourselves together and made it to the gym by 8:15 when child watch opened. I did a random spattering of exercise and left feeling like I was terribly out of shape and fat, but trying to move forward. The boys were rewarded for their wonderful behavior in child watch with some time at the playground. Zane quickly found a friend and played Ninja Turtles while Rowan wandered around the playground, searching for Bobo, downtrodden that his playmate had been stolen from him.

All of this seems well and good, we had turned the corner, moved on from the morning meltdowns, and gotten lots of things accomplished by 10am when we returned home from our trip to the Y and the bank (side note who knew that there would be a million people at the bank at 10 am on a Wed morning, annoying). Let me just start by saying, unlike his brother, Rowan falls asleep in the car everyday, wakes up, and then easily goes back to sleep at nap time. He's lazy and gets bored in the car, is my assessment of the situation. That being said when we got home at ten Rowan had woken up from his ten minute snooze in the car. We ate lunch, played, read Halloween books. Then it was nap time.

Up until this point it had been a normal day. Then Rowan decided to turn two. Yes, today was that day, not his second birthday, but the day his mind, body, and spirit began to embody all that is two years old. I remember the day Zane turned two (see blog post here)vividly, not June 19th, 2012, but the day he starting acting like a crazy, strong willed, do the opposite of what I say, throw huge fits, make my own decisions, have strong opinions about everything, two year old. Today was that day for little tiny, body of a nine month old, Rowan. Sad was the day. The wheels had completely fallen off here by noon and they were no where in sight by the time Zach got home at seven fifteen this evening.

 Rowan Danny Korenak, Oct. 8th, 2014. Nineteen months old, two years old at heart!

Rowan wanted no part of nap time, going back and forth between playing happily in his crib, to screaming mamma, not a sad mamma crying, an angry, demanding mamma scream. Think Will Ferrell in Wedding Crashers, trying to get meat loaf. We cuddled, we rocked, I tried to let him cry it out, I changed a poopy diaper, at which point I'm pretty sure he said "surprise" when I opened it. We ate a snack, we drank milk, but no this child had made up his little exhaustion filled mind that there would be no nap today!!!

So since Ro is the second child, after about an hour of this nonsense, I gave up and we moved on. There were things to be done and I only had one day off to do them. But as you can imagine the day was a disaster, made worse by Rowan's new two year old personality. He cried randomly and hit his brother the entire grocery shopping trip, he threw everything he could reach off the table at dinner time, then said "uh oh mamma and pointed." He bit Zane, successfully, twice, with multiple failed attempts in between. He climbed all over me while I tried to cook, clean, fold clothes, or just come up for air. He threw water at me during bath time, hit his brother with two different baseball bats, couldn't share anything, needed to be eating constantly, fell on the floor screaming randomly, or when I so rudely wouldn't let him eat the entire bag of croutons. At one point Rowan found himself in naked, sopping wet, timeout, on the bathroom floor, after refusing to stand up to be dried off and trying to hit me in the face. At which point he busted out a face that could not have looked more like Zach, so I died laughing, and I'm sure nothing was learned.

 Something like this, furrowed eye brows, "How dare you put me in timeout" type of look.

The tipping point, where I almost went into hysterics, well after I had a minor mental breakdown when Zach texted that he was still golfing with his boss and would be late, was after baths when I was laying on the floor of Rowan's room, being used as a jungle gym. Rowan sat on me, farted, then laughed hysterically, saying "I farted" in two year old speak. Meanwhile Zane is in the room next door singing and opera, he has composed himself, about how he was bad, and lost his skeleton privileges, (yes this is true), and that he tried to be good, but couldn't, and that he was never going to get his skeleton back. This song went on and on, I'm sure he was naked, dancing around, the whole time. That's when I died laughing at the state of my life at that moment and this crazy day.

When Zach got home I had to break the news to him that our tiny tiny boy, who is months away from being two had become two today and that I almost lost my mind. His response was that he felt like that was much sooner than Zane, but I mean look at Rowan's roll model. There were moments of cuteness, as there always are, and with all the craziness I decided to bring my camera outside and try to capture these two insane boys being them. Try to catch a freeze frame of the faces that can drive me insane now, but that I know I will so dearly miss soon. Here are my sweet blonde headed boys, being amazingly adorable. It shows the true power of motherhood, that I can still love these two so much it hurts, after all they put me through. It's a miracle!

Ro looking like daddy,
 then looking just like brother
 Crazy Zane
 Best buds
 My blue eyed boys
"Ahh Baa" 
 Rowan did learn how to say "I sorry bobo" after lots and lots of practice today. They adore each other, but somehow can't stop fighting. I guess that's the life of brothers.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. In a twist of fate I got to go home early Saturday and got called off Sunday. I haven't been able to have weekends at home with just our family in forever, and it was a wonderful surprise. We did lots of Halloween projects, decorating, baseball watching, football watching, all sorts of fun. Side note: I took lots of photos on my real camera for the first time in awhile and then accidentally deleted them all. After two hours in the allergy clinic yesterday morning, downloading free recovery software, like a spy, they are back!!! I might be a little too proud of myself.

Zach hanging our light up spider, all our decorations fared amazingly well during the gale force winds and rain Sunday night.
 The finished product of our creepy, spider themed, house.
 My fall scarecrows were not nearly creepy enough so we turned one into No Noggin, a la Curious George Halloween, and wrapped them all in spiderwebs. Now they are much more spooky!
Rowan thought the family dog, Iggy, should be outside for the decorating fun.

2. Zane is plowing through all the Halloween craft projects I have lined up for him. We have made a skeleton, bats, pumpkins of all sorts, spiders, and have lots more to do. Everything we make goes into our Halloween decorations around the house.

 On tap Sunday, Q-tip Skeleton guy and egg carton bats.
 This is Zane showing me the picture of the skeleton he is making. Thank you google and pinterest.
 Ro gets in on the fun too, mostly scribbling on pumpkins. Oh yeah and we tried spiking his hair up Sunday was well, pretty cute, but didn't last long.

3. On Friday the weather was too gorgeous not to get out and enjoy it so the boys and I had an impromptu trip to the zoo, which ended up being fantastic. We saw the new baby Rhino, who I hear is named Rupert. We went through the Oklahoma Trail, a first for us, and it did not disappoint. There were deer, fox, a random one legged bird, bears, snakes, fish, lizards, and the highlight by far, Danger the Freedom Eagle x 2!!! Zane was thrilled and I was excited that we actually saw some animals this trip.

Look closely, behind him you can see two bald Eagles. I didn't read why they couldn't fly, I assume they were injured and the zoo rescued them.
 The lion statue was lots of fun to climb on, though Zane did almost take a header of Mufasia over there.
 Back in the far right is the mamma Rhino and baby Rupert.
 No trip is complete with Carousel selfies

4. The other highlight of the zoo was the huge pretzel with cheese that we got. I had very low expectations but it was amazing and only three dollars. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the OKC Zoo. We got ours at the concession stand by the OK trails. Fair warning it apparently closes at 3:30pm, even though the zoo doesn't close until five.

5. We are deep into post season baseball with the highlight so far being little Rowan learning how to say Cardinals!!! And of course the Cardinals winning the NLDS tonight!!! GO CARDS!! Friday evening we had a watch party with the Richards, in theory so Brendan could watch the professionals play, since he too his now a big time baseball player. You can guess how much baseball Brendan actually watched, zero, what with all the cousin fun going on. Here are the boys, ready for the first post season game, which was a wonderfully exciting win for the red birds.

Look at those Blakley ears on Zane
I'm not sure how Rowan gets away with having his binki so much. I swear I take it away in the morning and then he finds it or his brother gives it back to him and it's hours before I realize that he's gotten it back. This day I let it slide though because his binki was baseball themed.

6. We baked our next door neighbors some congrats on the new baby cookies. They were no bake cookies, like you would normally make, but using Savory Spice Shop Black Onyx Cocoa Powder instead of regular cocoa powder. Let me just tell you they were 100% better than regular no baked cookies. Everyone I know is getting some for Christmas if for no other reason than these fabulous cookies. 

Yes, we sampled quite a few before giving the neighbors their batch. Pretty sure Rowan approved. We made another batch Monday because they were just too good.

 7. Zane has rediscovered Curious George Halloween, this year on Netflix and he loves it just as much as he did last year. I think it might even inspire him to be Curious George for Halloween, don't worry the costume still fits. I think Zach would make an incredible Man in the Yellow Hat as well. 
Here he is pretending to be No Noggin.

 Then he morphed into a full on cowboy!

8. Every time I think it is actually fall it ends up being ninety degrees the next day. We have our long pants and jackets at the ready, but always end up in shorts. Rowan is going to be a dinosaur all fall, very cute. And we have new kid Adirondack chairs we got on super clearance at Lowes, for three dollars, that are perfect for backyard lounging. Come on fall we are ready for you!!

 Not sure why Zane's winking

9. Yesterday, on yet another fun trip to the dollar store, look what we found. These were a dollar a piece, obviously, and so worth the money. Nothing is more funny than two little boys in mustache glasses, except maybe when one of them is randomly wearing a Sheriff's badge.

10. I finally gave in and paid my library fees so we could check out some Halloween books. I think we might have checked out all of them that were available, but such is life. Zane loves them all and we even found some of our favorites from last year to re-read. Added bonus, one of the books has even more craft ideas in it!!! We have lots to do tomorrow.