Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1.Words cannot begin to describe the stress level in our lives right now.  I will not go into gruesome detail of all that is going on. But suffice it to say that if we could get one thing to even go sort of well, not great, just ok, it would be amazing. All prayers would be greatly appreciated as ours seem to not be cutting it. Last night when I was well past my breaking point a pop up thunderstorm came through with some gentle rain. This was Dad letting me know he was watching over me I’m sure. I took the boys outside and we all waved high to Grandpa. Little Rowan Danny said “hi papa.” Be still my heart.

2. My days off have been full of unpacking and dealing with two boys who are going crazy without their mother’s undivided attention. There have been lots of arguments with Zane about why he refuses to play with the hundreds of toys I just unpacked, again. Seriously don’t know why we have them since he wonders around the room whining about me not playing with him. It’s very frustrating; especially given the amount of time I have spent packing and unpacking said toys this past year.

3. Zane was reunited with Rusty the stick horse this week though, which was very exciting. He quickly decided he needed his hair brushed; here are the results of that. Pretty hysterical. 

4. The boys have spent a lot of time looking like this, in a box. I think we have all the main stuff unpacked, now we just have to sort through the stuff we don’t use all the time/I don’t know where to store it here. There is lot of attic space we just have to decide what should go up there I guess. 

5. We took a break from the craziness to go to grandma’s Thursday. We had a jammed pack day of fun, starting with all the normal farm activities. Then after naps we headed to Leonardo’s (named after the Ninja Turtle of course) to see the Dinosaurs that we had previously seen at Otto’s house. They seemed much bigger in the smaller space. Rowan, who is terrified of dogs and more recently cats, was not fazed by the huge roaring dinosaur. I realized on this trip that Rowan has quite the attention span and loved to build things.

  Ro built this whole carbon atom situation and spent a lot of time putting pegs in this light up board.

6. After Leonardo's we had pizza and headed to the splash pad to cool off before the evening's main event, the little train and carousel rides at Meadow Lake Park. The Carousel is new this year with all newly restored horses and fantastic music. Zane met another little boy with his same name, Zane Michael, not Zane Able, which turns out was a close second behind Able when naming Zane. Ro road the Sooner horse and Zane got to push the start button since we were the only riders and the first ones of the night. It was a very long ride especially since it was only a dollar to ride!!!

7. Then it was train time. Both boys, and grown-ups for that matter, were extremely tired and dehydrated by this point, but we powered on. Rowan sat by Grandma and looked like such a big boy.
Zane cuddled me and I thought back to the many train rides I have taken with that little boy over the past four years. 


 I don't know why I thought this would be better in black and white, but I love it!

 Look at this serious little boy. And by serious I mean unbelievably tired!
 Love, love, love this picture of Rowan holding Grandma's hand.

8. Friday morning we played with Grandma a little longer then headed back to the city for more craziness at our house. I worked all weekend while Zach worked at fighting back the chaos here. 

9. This weekend is Kari’s shower/bachelorette weekend so that should be tons of fun. I pulled together a random present, not nearly cool enough for my brother’s bride, but it will have to do for now. The boys have matching seersucker suits for the wedding, which is hands down the cutest thing I have ever seen!! They need bow ties still, of course! Still no progress on what I’m wearing but believe me no one will care when I walk in with the two most adorable boys ever!!!! In case I haven't shown a picture of my brother and his gorgeous bride, here is one for you! Adorable!!

10. Today the boys and I sat around the house waiting for the cable guy (turned out to be woman) to come and set up our internet and cable. We have been off the grid for about a week and a half now and we are really starting to struggle. Spoiler alert, I'm writing this at Abbey's house because after my 9-11am appointment time, turning into the entire day, I still don't have internet or cable. I would be very upset, except it was the second day of this poor woman who ended up failing miserably. I left her sitting on the curb eating a sandwich. I offered her all kinds of things, not the least of which was to not worry about my internet at all! I hope she is ok and that we can get internet tomorrow!!! 

Here is what we did while we were bored!!

 Rowan loves shoes, btw!

11. Bonus of the day. Here is the look at the boys and I checking out our new neighborhood!

There are a family of turtles that live by and in this lake in front of a yard, which is a huge bonus!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. First and for most a very Happy Bday to my besty Anna, whose birthday is today. We just had my birthday day of fun a couple weeks ago so maybe we can meet back up in a few months for some more fun. Hope you had a great day Anna!!
2. We are officially in the new house and completely done with everything at the old house, well one of the old houses. Yes, there was a period in time where we had three houses, that is less than ideal. The garage is full of boxes to be unpacked but I got enough unpacked Sunday and Monday so we can live. Turns out you don't need a whole lot. I am making big piles to be donated as I am getting really tired of moving stuff I haven't used in years.
3. I do love the new house. There is a little pond on the other side of the street in front and a little playground across the street as well. It is far enough North, out of the town, that we see the stars so it feels more like being in the country, even though we are in a neighborhood.
4. On that note, on our first night in the new house there was a impromptu firework show to the north of us. It was beautiful, though random, and I still have no idea what the celebration was about. I thought the firework stand at the corner might have caught on fire, but it hadn't so who knows. I take it as a good sign. I also take the fact that an hour after Zach took the last load from the old house a huge limb feel out of the tree by our driveway, right onto where our cars would have been. That house literally was trying to kill us. Glad we mad it out alive.
5. I do feel much better, allergy wise, as well. I have gotten two allergy shots also, but I think the fact that I am not breathing mold and God knows what else, all day has to have something to do with it as well. I have high hopes that this means I can feel good for more than a few days at a time.
6. For everyone who is looking for the weekly adorable photos of my boys, I can't upload any since we still don't have internet at our house and I'm typing all this on my phone. There is probably a way to do it, but I don't know how so they will be saved for next week. They are sitll adorable, don't worry! They are loving playing in all the boxes and sliding on our new wood floors!!
7. Zane is having some trouble, which is not surprising given the recent changes, but is still very frustrating. I have zero patience at this point, which I know isn't good, but there are a thousand things on my plate and I just need him to act like the wonderful, polite, little boy that I know he is. I don't like that he has to be in trouble, but he also can't scream at me, or argue with me, or any of the other number of issues we are having. When he gets in trouble that means less time I can spend with Rowan as well, since I'm dealing with Zane's screaming fits. So ready for everything to be back to normal.

8. We are planning a trip up to Grandma's Thursday to celebrate what would have been my dad's sixty fifth birthday. Writing that down makes it seem like it has really been a long time since he died and makes me wonder, foolishly, what life would be like had he not passed away. I told Zane that we were going to celebrate his birthday and maybe go camping, to which he said, "is your dad going camping with us?" As though he had forgotten for a moment that he isn't here. I of course burst into tears, sometimes it feels like it doesn't get easier.

9. Everywhere we go people have been asking Zane if he is going to be starting school soon. He thinks this is a crazy idea because he calls daycare school, so to him he is already in school. But to me this questions throws me into a panic attack everytime. The thought of him being in kindergarten makes me want to cry. I'm not ready and Zane may not be ready by this time next year. Maybe yes, maybe no. But for now he is just a very tall four year old who needs to stay with his mamma as much as possible.

10. Did everyone get a chance to see the supermoon this weekend? I enjoyed it from my beautiful new backyard, that has zero trees to impede my vision. It was gorgeous and a beautiful cool August evening. What a treat!

Promise more pictures next week, hopefully we will have internet by then.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Big Move 3.0

We managed to get out of our lease, pack our entire house, find a new house, and get moved, all in the span of about ten days. I do not recommend this to anyone, ever, but we did it. I have been working the past three days so missed most of the big move on Friday, but was in charge of pretty much all the packing. The big stuff was moved Friday with the help of Able. I got a text around five saying there wasn't power at the new house, where we had moved all our beds and essentials so as to avoid another night in the house full of mold. That borderline pushed me over the edge, but I was working so really nothing I could do. By the time I left the power was on and I drove home to our new place. I knew it would be crazy when I got there and I was correct in my assumption. It's rough walking into yet another house full of boxes, random furniture everywhere, no idea where anything is, no food, and our lives turned upside down all over again.

Aunt Kari graciously volunteered to come play with the boys while Able and Zach tried to finish moving the big things before the truck had to be returned. Zane and Rowan were loving the entire situation, seemingly unphased by the insanity surrounding them, almost like they are used to it. I tried to find the neccesities and get beds set up in hopes of getting to sleep before midnight. I somehow located everything I needed for little boy baths, got them in the tub, only to find out there was no hot water. At that point we were committed to it though, so quick wash down for everyone ending in Rowan being devistated he had to leave his freezing cold water. The fridge arrived last with little food to put in it, but with the much needed milk for night time. Both boys were asleep by 9:30 which isn't bad, all things considered. Able and Zach went to take the truck back and I was left there in the silence, surrounded by the craziness. It is terribly overwhelming and less than ideal that all the moving was taking place while I was MIA. I had tried to be really thoughtful and pulled together, ordering new bath toys for the boys which were scheduled to arrive yesterday afternoon. Of course those weren't delivered due to the vacant sign that was apparently in our mailbox. Now I have to figure out how to track them down at an unknown post office somewhere. I can't win for loosing. I contemplated unpacking, or trying to find things I we need before going to sleep, but decided to wash my face and go to bed instead.

Unpacking, while working full time is going to be a challenge. On my two days off here or there I'm exhausted and all I really want to do is play with my boys. There are always errands that have to be run, appointments to go to, and all sorts of life that has to be taken care of. There is also always new things you have to buy when you move, even though somehow you didn't need them at the last house. I foresee us needing some more bookcases for this place, especially since the one from Zane's room was ruined by the water/mold situation in his room. If anyone has some bookcases you'd like to donate we would be happy to have them. Moving is always an expensive endevour no matter how you go about it. I'm ready to be settled and have a place where we can relax, be happy, and most importantly hopefully I can be health here. A huge thank you and we love you to Uncle Able and Aunt Kari for all their help, I know that isn't how anyone wants to spend their Friday night. It was greatly appreciated and why we moved back here, so we could be close to the wonderful, helpful hands of family.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

 I wrote this yesterday, but was too tired to add the pictures before I went to bed, so just slightly late.

1. The packing is almost done, crazy how fast you can really pack everything if you have to.  I randomly am in the midst of a week off work that I had originally planned to spend doing fun, non stressful things with my boys. I feel like I never see them and when you only have two days off at a time there isn't a lot of time to just be with them since there are a zillion other things that need to get done. Needless to say that plan is shot, we are all crazy stressed out, and it has been a lot less than fun to say the least.

Moving does mean you get to do fun things like sit on the empty shelves, which is tons of fun!

2. I need to wish a very Happy Golden Birthday to my niece Maggie who turns five today on the fifth. She had an amazing frozen party on Saturday, complete with a visit from Queen Elsa herself. It was so neat to watch her light up as she put on her very own Elsa costume, wig, and crown. She definitely felt like a queen and I think it's safe to say she had a wonderful time with Queen Elsa. Zane on the other hand was terrified that she would "freeze him dead." It's a real fear since Elsa does have a track record of freezing people, creating snow monsters, and kind of being off her rocker at times. He warmed up to her though. He picked flowers from Abbey's garden, I thought for her, but upon further questioning he said they were for Anna, who Elsa said didn't come because she was home sick. How stinking cute is that???

 Yes, her cake was the north mountain with pieces of ice sticking out!
 Queen Elsa freezing the room with white streamers. Again, Zane wasn't too sure about this particular game, since he thought she might freeze him.

3. If it's Maggie's birthday that means it is also our wedding anniversary. Eight years ago today I was a just a little pup, marrying my college sweet heart. Now look at us, living the... dream?? At this exact moment things are rough and it's hard to really celebrate in the midst of so much stress. That being said I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband, who is an amazing father. Hopefully next year we will be in a better place to celebrate our anniversary. I'm really starting to think I want to renew my vows for our ten year anniversary, but not really sure how to make that happen. We skipped out on Maggie's family dinner and had a romantic pizza dinner all by ourselves, which was tons of fun. But don't worry we came back in time for cake 2.0.

4. Speaking of weddings, my big brother is getting married, NEXT MONTH!!!! I can't believe it and seriously there are a lot of days where this thought is the highlight of my day. I am so over the moon excited, even though I still have to find something to wear to the big event. Zane did ask me yesterday who Able was marrying. Kari, maybe we need to hang out more?? I have spent a lot of time trying to find suits for my boys, because they obviously need a three piece, seersucker suit with matching bow ties for the hour long ceremony. I will probably come down to earth about that at some point, but maybe not.

5. While I have been busy packing Rowan has found all sorts of new things, not toys, to play with. Yesterday this is how I found him. He had been having a blast with this swim diaper for awhile. I had heard him giggling but wasn't sure why. Today he somehow got the tongs we used to cook little sausages in the morning and walked around with them, grasping things for awhile. Who needs toys really??

6. I have started my allergy shots a little early since I'm so miserable as of late. I am going to go ahead and start normal shots for two months, then do the day of shots that should get me to my max level in a day. First one is tomorrow morning. I have my epi pen, which I thought would cost a million dollars on our terrible insurance, but with an online coupon it was free!!! Who knew?? Hopefully all goes well.

7. Friday I think is the official big move day. I will be at work, which is fine, and then Zach will finish things off on Saturday morning. Thanks to everyone who will be helping with this crazy fast move and watching our kids while I'm MIA. Then the terribly long unpacking process will begin. I'm thinking about giving away/throwing away a lot of stuff I don't want to store anymore.

8. This afternoon I took Maggie and the boys to the Ninja Turtle event at Barnes and Noble. We had previously been to the Batman event and met Batman and I knew there had been an Olaf event where Olaf came, so I didn't think it was a stretch to think that actual Ninja Turtles would be there. Of course this wasn't the case. It was just Ninja Turtle story time which isn't ideal for my son with a rather short attention span. He listened to one book then was over it. He did get something off the Ninja Turtle table that he has been wanting toys off of for a month, so not a total failure. He was sad about not getting to meet a Ninja Turtle, but "they have to fight crime mamma." So true!

 It was really cute to watch Rowan go and sit down in front of Zane during story time. Adorable!
 "Mamma, where are the Ninja Turtles?" He came prepared with his Ninja Turtle Party shirt.
 9. This week Rowan has learned how to recognize and say cow and knows that they say moo. Ro saying moo in his tiny little voice cracks me up. He also knows can recognize pigs and ducks. He is saying more things everyday and is getting closer to being able to say Zane which I can't wait for!

 10. Rowan also continues to be super attached to his binki and can somehow find it no matter where I hide it. I think his brother helps him get it out of the basket that is on top of his changing table. Or maybe he climbs up there to get it. Either way he has it most of the time and currently I have too many things on my plate to care about it. He also continues to not sleep great, either all night or up for three hours. Why are my children such terrible sleepers?? Who knows, but I do love his face!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Korenaks are Moving Again

Well I'm not sure whether to say this is good news or bad news or to simply say I'm going crazy. So I'll just state the facts. The rental house we have been living in since mid January has been a complete disaster since we the beginning. I had hoped I would just be dealing with the fact that it wasn't pretty and that things weren't terribly nice, but as it turned out things not being well maintained leads to lots of other issues. The underlying issue is that the house is owned by an investment firm, not a real person who cares about it's up keep. It is managed by a property management company who seem to equally not care about it's up keep. They have repeatedly told us how many properties they manage and how few people they have on staff, so we can't expect to get anything fixed. There have been lots of things that have broken, and after borderline threatening to sue them, they have reluctantly come and fixed many things, spending days here, making a mess of the place in the process. It's been a struggle to say the least.

However, the straw that broke the camel's back, so to say, was recently when there was a big rain storm and Zane's ceiling started to leak. In no way was this surprising, given the terrible state of the roof, but it was terribly concerning. At that point I realized that probably a big part of my uncontrollable allergy issues I've had over the past six months is most likely due to the terrible combination of dust, mold, mildew, and God knows what else that this house is full of. They came and looked at the roof, agreed that it was terrible and leaking, but really had no plans to fix it in any way. This pushed us over the edge. Zach came up with a huge speel about his sickly wife and two young children and this place being uninhabitable in hopes of getting them to let us out of the lease. Only a few minutes into his planned rant they guy said "Yeah, you should move." Who knew it would be so simple, after six months of complaining I'm sure they are quite tired of us as well.

So as I always say, "MAKE TIME TO DO IT TWICE!!!" "It" being as big as finding a place to live and moving, story of my life.  Anyway, after a three day search we have found a new home that is available as soon as our the paperwork has gone through. Yes, we both saw the house before hand and from all accounts it appears to be a lovely home. There are hardwood floors in the living and dining rooms which hopefully will help with the allergy situation. There are only three rooms, but an extra living room off of the kitchen which can double as a playroom. It has about the same square footage as here, just a more useful set up. All houses seem small to me here since I'm used to having an entire basement of free space to not only live in, but to store our stuff in as well. Oh how we were spoiled. The new house is owned by the man who we have been talking to about it so hopefully there is interest in keeping it pulled together. The biggest factor, that pushed it over the top, and helped me except the slightly longer commute, is that it has a storm shelter in the garage. This will relieve not only my stress level in the spring, but all my friends and family in MO who are just sure we are going to be blown away here any second.

So we are back to packing up our life. Zane is a great helper when he wants to be, almost too good really. Yesterday I wasn't really wanting to pack all day long, but Zane declared himself "the box guy" and brought me boxes from the garage in a steady stream all day. "Mamma we can't stop, we are berry workers." The house is a disaster area, filled with full boxes, empty boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and tape. This is a very familiar scene for me seeing as how this next house will be the eleventh place I have lived in thirty years. To be fair the first 19 years I was in one place. Rowan will have lived in as many places by the time he is two as it took me twenty one years to live in. Crazy, and not really how we had planned it, but such is life.

Today Zane did not fair so well. I remember now that the bonus to moving when you have children is that in the midst of their lives being packed away they start to panic. The panic is manifested as acting like a crazy person, not listening to a word I say, not doing what they are suppose to be doing, throwing huge fits (at home and in public), and spending most of the day in trouble. All of that even after I have had numerous conversations with Zane about the move, how it will be over very soon, not like last time, all his toys are coming right back out to be played with in the new house, that I know it's scary, and that is no fun that I can't play with him all day. None of this was helpful and today was a huge struggle. Capped off by moving the bookcase in his room (the one near the before mentioned ceiling leak) and finding visible mold on the carpet. I declared his room unlivable and he is now camping out on the couch until further notice. Yes, everything is going just smashingly here. And yes I do still feel miserable with uncontrollable sinus pain and pressure at all times, that is definitely still going on.  

I am trying to be excited about this place being nicer and the stress of hating the place you live being lifted, but the entire situation with having to move again, our other house not selling, the fact that it might never sell, and that we could be living in rental houses for years to come is all really depressing, stressful, and weighs heavily on both of us. It feels like I'm in one of those moments in life where the way you had pictured your life playing out takes a sharp turn and changes to a completely different thing. I've had a lot of those moments, unfortunantly a lot of them happened within a two month time period, but lots none the less. Times when in the moment you can physically feel a shift. It isn't always the end of the world, but it's a change in how you've envisioned your life being for so long, that it can be hard to except. You almost have to actually mourn the way you thought things were going to be. It's just life, you can't plan it, it's never plays out like you pictured it, and we are constantly learning from what has happened to us. I'm still holding out hope and praying hard that it might turn out to be at least somewhat how I pictured, just maybe take us a little longer to get there.

For what it's worth here is the link to my St. Louis house that is still for sale. It is a lovely, wonderful home. If you know of anyone in the St. Louis area looking for a house let them know this one is very available!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Whose Going to Pick Me Up?

Everyday, or evening, when Zane is discussing the plan for the day, or for the next day, here is his list of questions: "Do I have to go to school tomorrow?" If yes, that's followed by, "How many days do I have to go?" And "Who gonna pick me up? You gonna pick me up Mamma or is Daddy going to pick me up?" Those are the questions that are asked all the time here. Zane needs to have a detailed plan for his day and likes to know in advance what's coming for the next day. He remembers these plans in great detail, which is sometimes infuriating since it feels like he can't remember where he is most of the time.

Today there was a moment that I know I'm going to want to remember years from now. Today Zane was asking me when he could us the packing tape dispenser. The first response that came to my mind was, "when you are packing to go to college you can use it all by yourself." Here is the conversation that followed. 

"Mamma, what is college?" "Well Zane it's just more school, that you go to away from home." "Who gonna pick me up?" "No one picks you up son, you stay there and live with all new people." "But mamma, what am I gonna eat, who gonna cook dinner?" (That last one said in a pretty panicky voice.) " Zane you have to cook dinner. Why do you think I'm teaching you how to cook and clean and do your own laundry?" "I not want to go to college mamma, I miss you." 
 And cue the heart melting and me praying that I could freeze time, in this moment. 

It will be this time of year, fifteen years from now, (God willing) when my grown boy will be packing up his things to head off to college for the first time. I will be a mess, shoot I'm a mess thinking about him going to kindergarten, but hopefully I will have done a good job as his mother. Hopefully all the days explaining kindness, telling the truth, being gentle, listening, being calm, thinking things through, and being safe will have paid off and he will be ready to face the world. If I'm lucky he will still want to talk to me now and then, maybe even give me some hugs before he leaves. And I will think of this day, when my crazy wild, four year old boy asked me who would pick him up from college and told me he would miss me. That will be the face I picture as our grown son leaves home. I knew it in that moment as he said it and could have cried, but laughed instead at his pure innocence and concern about the whole idea of a place without mommy and daddy. And  then quickly counted my blessings that we are in this moment, this stage, and not the later. Not yet... soon.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. Time if flying by this summer and we are having lots of fun. Let's see what have we been up to?? Well this past week three of four people looked at the St. Louis house and were "very interested." Of course no one has put in an offer, all still looking, or it's between our house and another one. I have to say I got my hopes up that this weekend we would get a call saying someone wanted to buy it, but no luck. So keep sending up prayers that one of those will like it since no one else has looked at it so far this week. Sigh.....

2. I was off Tuesday and Wednesday and we went to play with Abbey and her kids both days. Wednesday afternoon we told the kids we were going to go on an adventure to meet someone famous. The guesses of who we were meeting included, Uncle Able, Aunt Kari, Grandma, and Johnteen Eighteen, Zane's imaginary friend. No one guessed that we would really be meeting BATMAN!!!!! Well, actually a teenager in a Batman suit at Barnes and Noble, but don't tell them.  Zane was very brave after his initial terrified reaction, going up and putting his hand in the hand of the man and introducing himself, "Hi Batman, I'm Zane Able Korenak." Batman was even kind enough to sign the free poster Zane had gotten. "To Zane, Choose the Right, Batman." I'm hoping this wasn't a political statement and more a statement on making good decisions. Next week the Ninja Turtles I think might be there for Ninja Turtle fun, get excited.

3.This weekend was the first weekend where we were both home with nothing really planned to do. My head was also not killing me for the first time in a long time (don't worry sinus pain and pressure is back). We had a wonderfully relaxing weekend of running errands, going to the book store, playing with Grandma, and catching up on some much needed house cleaning which has been neglected with our busy schedules and me always feeling terrible. Previously I loved cleaning my house because once I was done it was beautiful. That is not the case in this house so I'm much less motivated to clean.

4. Here are the two chefs cooking breakfast on Sunday. Zane cooked the little sausages pretty much by himself. He, of course, needed his chef before he could start.

I'm raising someone's dream guy, he loves to cook and clean, but not to sure about that look on his face??

 Later in the week Rowan really started to enjoy the hat as well.

5. On Sunday afternoon I put aside my terrible body image issues, dawned my fat lady swim suit, and we went swimming at the YMCA with Zach and the boys. Turns out no one actually says "dear God look at that fat woman with her Grandma swim suit on." I'm sure people think it, but no one says it out loud, so it's tolerable. I read a blog about not letting your kids miss out on fun things because you can't get it together enough to loose weight which I found inspiring. I'm trying to do better on both fronts, but my boys shouldn't have to miss out on swimming because I'm fat.

 6. On that same note this evening we went to Pelican Bay with the Richard clan for some evening swimming. BW was there for a bday party but we were just there to enjoy the pool. We had a great time, both boys had life jacket one so I felt better about their safety. It wasn't terribly packed either so we will definitely have to do that again. The boys played in the splash pad area while we were waiting to reinforcements to arrive.

7. While at the bookstore Sunday Zane found a Lego set that made Danger the Freedom Eagle. We bought it with the thought that it would be a great exercise in concentration. Turns out Zane still has zero attention span, but hopefully Zach had a good time building danger. Zane tried to help read the instructions for about 3 minutes and then he was done. The struggle is real and I'm not sure we are making any headway with it.

8.  Grandma caved and got Zane his much fantasied about Ninja Turtle punching bag today while we were at Target. Turns out Rowan also loved this toy which made for lots of fights over it and me refereeing the punching matches. There were moments where they were taking turns with each other pretty well, but then Rowan would decide he wanted to lay on Shredder and that's when things got aggressive. In general they were both only hitting the punching bag, not each other, so that's something.
 Ro loves saying cheese for the camera now, so stinking cute!

9.Today these were my cool guy shopping buddies. Zane wanted to try on these Pez shades, so of course Rowan did as well. Then there was a meltdown, by Rowan, when I tried to put them back. So now they both have new shades because that is a $5 battle I'm not fighting and it's oh so cute!
 Rowan did not take these off for at least an hour an a half, inside, playing, with his shades on. That's baller status!
10. I think my kids might turn into a snow cone soon. We have one about every day that I'm not working, thanks to Oklahoma's amazing drive snow cone stand phenomenon. As a side note, Zane got stung by something on his forehead and caused this huge eye swelling situation. I got call at work on Friday from daycare to tell me about his eye being terribly swollen, followed up by a call yesterday to tell me that he had thrown up. Stop calling me at work I can't leave people!!! This led to me having a panic attack because Zane had thrown up and then was complaining of his head hurting.  He happily told me his head was hurting this morning, so I told him we were going to the "towers" (a.k.a the hospital) and his headache was magically gone. This did not bring back the nights sleep I lost thinking about my kid having a brain tumor. Neuro Nurse problems!!!
 P.S. The snow cones truck at the Edmond farmers market is the best snow cone ever, even though it stained Zane's face for an entire day. It was well worth it. Zane did give Zach a speech about not choosing the same flavor every time which I found very entertaining.