Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1. It's been a tough parenting week at our house. Zane has rocked over the edge and my usually easy going, happy, pretty well behaved child is suddenly none of those things. I'm not sure what is happening, I am afraid it is from his decreased time at school and more time home with mom, which I am sure isn't always super entertaining. Whatever it is I'm frustrated, he's frustrated, and not quite sure how to move forward or change things.

2. On a sort of related note I decided not to do Deer Creek Pre-K as it seemed really intense, probably impossible to facilitate on the days I was working, and at the end of the day I really want another year with him not with him in full time school. Of course after the struggles of this week I'm now rethinking it, but with how intense of a getting in situation it is that pre-k at least is completely off the table now. Sigh...

3. This past week's other struggle has been the utter decline/failure at running. I have had a nagging hip injury ever since the huge blister on my foot forced me to walk funny for two weeks. This week the nagging went to full on stabbing, unbearable pain when I tried to run which has resulted in two runs ending in tears and frustration. I rested for a few days, stretched, heated, googled ideas, and headed back to the gym today with still pretty rough results. Unsure what to do about this, but at this rate my three miles could easily take an hour. Sorry team mates.

4. The snow all melted today, much to my delight since I have to go to work in the morning. The boys were sad to see it go, especially since I promised we could play in it after naps and then it was mostly gone. I hear there could be more headed our way this weekend so I'm sure we will have more chances to play this weekend.

5. Rowan is loving all his new toys and gifts. He spent a lot of time sitting by the door in his new Mickey chair, courtesy of the Richards, watching the snow yesterday. However, he really would like a recliner, which led to him falling over backwards, a la Uncle Able, a few times. He has named his piggy Sally, she has gotten lots of cuddles, nose bites, and rides in his fire truck. The fire truck remains the hit of the week and I've thoroughly enjoyed having it inside these past couple days to keep us entertained while we were cooped up. Thank you so much to everyone who gave Ro such lovely gifts this year.

 Here is little Sally the pig! Love it!
 Of course falling over backwards became really fun!
Here is Ro trying to "fix" his fire truck with his new tools, he got stuck, it was hysterical. He also tries to dive in head first and gets stuck sometimes.

6. This week we did learn that Zane will be playing for the Little Rascals this year in T-Ball, best name ever. When asked what number he wanted to be he said, "Maybe 500 or 16." So we went with 16, completely random and I love it. Practices should start soon if the weather can ever pull itself together.

7. In addition to lots of birds that enjoy our bird feeders we have a pair of Mallards that cross the street from the pond in the morning to come get breakfast. We have affectionately named them Marty and Mary. This particular day they brought a friend with them. They are so sweet and don't really scare when we come outside anymore. However, the geese still are trying to come eat our food and are chased away every time. There is still bad blood between the geese and I. The boys love our new friends and call them by name. I love this house and the view from our front window.

 8. As a result of Zane's numerous poor choices this week he hasn't gotten to use, really any, technology in days. So we have spent lots of time building, playing in pretend space, and really stretching to stay entertained in doors. This was an engine to a space ship  he was building below. Today we made dinosaur fossils out of clay and baked them. A giraffe and a woof woof might have snuck in there as well. The struggle is real!
 9. I found this picture when looking through our weeks pictures trying to remember what all we had done. Look at his little face, you can see it turning the corner into a big boy face. Love it!

10. That's about it, work is work, Zach has been crazy busy with his work. I am enjoying working two days, but wish things would settle out here. I'm dying for nicer weather to stick around so we can run and play at the park all day. Hopefully everyone stayed safe and warm this week. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow Day 2015

As expected winter wasn't actually over when it was eighty degrees last weekend. The snow returned a little bit yesterday, but spared us for the most part, so Ro's party could go off uninterrupted, if still very cold. This morning we woke up to a beautiful white yard. It wasn't snowing and the schools were in session, so I was hoping that was the end of it. We bundled up and headed to the gym after Zach reported the roads to the west were fine. The roads a mile to the east however were not fine and after fish tailing and almost getting stuck on a tiny hill, we carefully turned around and headed home. We were in for another snow day. It turned into a gorgeous, heavy, huge snow flake snow that was just lovely since I had no where to be.

After nap time, when Zane was starting to want to watch TV, the snow began to pick up and it was time to head out to play. My goal for playing in the snow is always that we play longer than it takes us to get ready. That might not have ever happened until today. Everyone had great gloves that were water proof, which I think was the key. Rowan wore the mittens that the whole back opens up and then velcros shut. These were easy to put back on the numerous times they fell off, "mamma, my grub." I think they are kind of like these which are waterproof and you don't have to fight to get little kids thumb in the thumb place or god forbid you have actual gloves, ugh! I digress, we got bundled and made it outside at the height of the snowing, which made for some great fun and adorable pictures.

Classic snow day shot. The Spiderman mask was a huge help as well since since was 100% in the snow.

Rowan, who has been wearing his little blue snow boots in seventy degree weather for a week, managed to loose them and had to wear his rain boots, much to his dismay. Ro's little legs struggled to get around in the snow, but he got the hang of it and had a great time. Of course Zane jumped, literally, right and rolled around. The snow was dry and flaky, not good for snowmen or snow bowls, so we made snow angels, threw it in the air, made fun tracks with our feet, and of course filled all the bird feeders in the front for our feathered friends.


 Rowan's very first snow angel, so adorable.

Zane made a snow angel, perfectly inside my snow angel, which I thought was pretty awesome.

After I shoveled the driveway we headed in, with three bowls of snow to taste and experiment with. There were lots of conversations about who snow is made, "What is snow mamma?" So we might have managed to learn something in the process. Rowan, who hates ice cream, loved his bowl of snow, finishing the whole thing. Zane left his snow on the table to see what would happen to it inside. SPOILER ALERT: it melted!

Look closely the tree is covered in Gold Finches

At some point in every snow day you just have to build a fort and watch a movie. We reached that point late in the day after painting, drinking hot chocolate, watching the birds, reading lots of books, taking lots of rides in the new fire truck, and all sorts of other adventures, but we did get there. Rowan was having none of it so he and I continued to play hard , while Zane rested in his fort. Zach did make it home safely in his tiny Pruis, just in time for a bowl of soup. Perfect snow day!

 The five seconds Rowan was laying down for this picture was all the time he spent in the fort today. He had things to do!
 This guy hasn't gotten to watch any form of technology in three days, for various terrible reasons, so he ate up every second of movie in a fort time.
And at some point you start watching You Tube videos of dogs. That's what was happening before this picture. I've got some cute kids if I do say so myself!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Woof Woof Party!!!!

The much anticipated woof woof party went off without a hitch. Our house was decorated stem to stern with every kind of dog. Zane and I had been working on dog decorations all week, making lots of famous dogs, Clifford, Mr. Peabody, Snoopy, Toto, Lassie, and my childhood dogs Moses and Saudi. We hung doggy decorations through out the week and today we added all kinds of balloons, paw and all of Rowan's favorite colors. We brought out all of Rowan's dogs and put them in a little pen in the living room so they could celebrate with us. Zane thought Danger the Freedom Eagle should be on the mantel, keeping watch, to make sure everyone was safe. Zane thought we should make a party play list on my phone so we could have a dance party, he really is quite the party planner.

Of course we had a dog themed menu as well, hot dogs, puppy chow, scooby snacks, cheese and summer sausage cut into dog bone shapes, and woof woof cupcakes. And of course we chips and queso because my sons love chips and dip. I had an elaborate plan, consisting of a beautiful country scene of a do in front of a big white house with a wrap around porch, for the cake. But since that was irrational I just put plastic dogs on cupcakes. Equally as adorable right??

 Zach, always dedicated to his craft, grilled our burgers and dogs.
 Able enjoying and epic hot dog!

The kids partied hard, dancing, riding in the new fire truck, camping in Zane's room, singing, screaming, having a blast. It was great fun and Rowan was surrounded by lots of love. These moments are the reason I moved home. My kids are completely comfortable with their Aunts and Uncles, their cousins, and their Grandmother. Rowan requests to call all of them at random times because at two they are an important part of his life. At two Rowan loves all his Aunts, Uncles, and his cousins, and I love that these people will be in his everyday life to help guide him. Thank you so much to everyone who loves my kids, who supports our parenting, and who have sent their love and helped celebrate Rowan's life this week. It's been a wonderful celebration for our sweet little boy!

The birthday boy and I, love this kid!
 The birthday boy, who amazingly kept his top dog sticker on all evening! The party hat didn't last as long.
 Rowan got wonderful presents from everyone, thanks!
 The Mickey chair was even more fun to sit in while it was still in the box.
Rowan had great fun with Uncle Able's beard.
And then he was two!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Ro Baby

Dear Rowan,

Today you turned two. You are big and strong now, though still so little and sweet. You aren't a baby, but still not a big boy. You can talk to us now, with lots of words, but still find communicating frustrating. Sadly you still spend a lot of time crying, sometimes in a pile on the floor. Life at two is hard. There are rules that have to be followed now and a big brother that you have to share everything with, including the attention of your parents, which you really think should be yours at all times.

Yep, that is a spoonful of peanut butter. We were out of bread and you can't deny you your beloved peanut butter on your birthday.

fYou are a very happy child, though not terribly affectionate. In the past month or so you have let me cuddle and sing to you before bed again. This is my favorite time with you. You lay your head on my shoulder and request "boy," your favorite song. You give me kisses and tell me "lub you mamma," before requesting final cuddles with Daddy. You can be silly and giggle, but sometimes you can be a little mean. You hold your own with your much bigger brother, but we're still working on being kind to everyone. You love to take turns and share, always quick to make sure Zane is doing the same.

 Combining your new construction man outfit with the fire truck. Win win!

You can do so many more things now that you are two. You have learned so much this year and remain fiercely independent. You love to dress yourself, clothes, socks, shoes, jacket, all of it you feel you can do unassisted, even if this isn't always true. You have grown up fast, always keeping up with Zane. You have amazing focus for a two year old. I can see you're little mind working, thinking, trying to figure how everything around you works.


Today wasn't the greatest of days in general, but we tried to make it as fun as possible, opening presents throughout the day, playing hard, eating cupcakes, and celebrating your sweet little life the whole time. You're face makes my heart smile. You're little laugh is the sweetest sound. I think you had a good birthday, hopefully unaware of the stress surrounding the rest of us. You got all your favorite things today, a new train set, a big dog who you named Budder (peanut butter, after the peanut butter you quickly got on his ear), a Mickey shirt, book, and cup. You got a broom just your size so you can help me clean, which you always love to do. And the biggest, most fun surprise came from Grammie, Papa, and the Prance clan in Missouri, your very own fire truck. This made for all sorts of brotherly fun this afternoon.

 You can never have too many woof woofs!
 Vacuuming and sweeping at the same time, that's my boy!
 Your brother pushed you around the house all evening, you had a blast!
 You are loved by so many people little boy. So many people count you among their happy thoughts, just like I do. I am thrilled that I get to be your mamma. I love watching you grow, but wish it could slow down, it's going by too quickly. Happy birthday sweet Ro baby!

I love you the most,

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ten On Tuesday: Rowan's Birthday Week Addition

Nothing exciting happened this week, it snowed, it's icy, and cold again. The boys and I are going a little stir crazy, but the biggest news is that it is Rowan's birthday week. So this Ten on Tuesday is going to be Rowan's top ten favorite things. In no particular order, just things that Rowan loves at two!!

1. Obviously number one would have to be woof woofs, all things dogs, except actual living dogs. Actual living dogs are terrifying to him, but that's ok. He loves to pretend to be a dog, read about dogs, sleep with dogs. So cute, I'm sure after our blow out dog party this weekend he will surely move on to a new love.

2. Trains- Rowan mainly enjoys trains on his clothing, more than playing with trains, but will occasionally play with the train table or his little Thomas trains. Probably his favorite way to play trains is to be a caboose to Zane's engine. They run around the house as a little train after Zane say's "come on Ro, get on the train!"

3. Mickey Mouse- On a whim I bought a big Mickey for Christmas because it was only ten dollars. Rowan fell in love, even though he rarely gets to choose the cartoons we watch, since Mickey Mouse is obviously too babyish for big brother. Occasionally he does get to watch a little Mickey and loves it. Big Mickey is a staple in his bed and a favorite thing to be played with during the day.


4. Cooking- Pretend cooking and real cooking. He loves to make food for us in the little red kitchen and on his grill, bringing us all sorts of treats then asking if we want "more?" Over this past year Rowan has also started to really love cooking with with us. "I help mommy?" It is a work in progress and he isn't a ton of help, but we're getting there. He has mastered stirring carefully and pouring things into bowls/mixer, but most other things are still a struggle.

5. Probably higher up in the numbers should be his beloved Bobo. I can see that Rowan would follow his brother off a cliff, a very familiar feeling to me. Anything that Zane does Rowan wants to do. He will play whatever he is playing, he will chase him around for hours, he gets extremely worried when he can't find him, even for a short period of time. Rowan searches for Bobo the moment he is out of his sight. Ro needs hugs and kisses from Zane before he can go to sleep at night or nap time. The adorable, unconditional love, between these two is the best part of everyday!!

6. Building- He loves building with blocks and legos of all sizes. He has great concentration and wonderful fine motor skills. And unlike his brother he has the attention span to build for quite some time. I can tell that his little mind is like his father's, always trying to figure out how things work, how to take them apart, and put them back together.

7. Reading- This year Rowan's attention for sitting and actually listening to books has greatly increased. He brings me books all the time, "I read mamma." His current favorite books are; Old McDonald, Eight Little Monkeys, Teeny Weeny Looks for His Mommy, and Busy Bear. I love that he loves books and "reads" even when he is by himself. Smarty pants!!

 8. Singing- In the past month or so Rowan has started to let me sing/rock him to sleep again! My favorite thing in the world!! He loves singing all sorts of song, but of course Little Boy his by far his absolute favorite. He would sit and have me sing that all day if I gave him the chance. He requests dog songs a lot, but I can never come up with that many. Itsy bitsy spider and patty cake are still huge favorites when he is awake, he finds then hysterical for some reason. "Sing mamma" is one of my favorite things to hear him say! He pretend sings with Zane now as well, great stuff.

9. Outside/Park time- Rowan can do almost everything at the park now, dangerously to the point he could easily kill himself. We spend a lot of time at the park by our house where he can climb everything, slide down everything, swing on this little belly on the big boy swings, and keep up with his brother the whole time. It's at the park when I really see how big he is getting and start to truly see him as a big boy, not a little baby anymore.

10. Coloring/Crafts- Zane does all sorts of crafts and coloring so of course Rowan wants to do the same thing."I codo mamma."  He loves to color, stamp, use stickers, all sorts of crafty things. I doubt I did this many crafts with Zane when he was this age, but since Zane is always doing it Rowan gets to learn how to do it as well and really loves it. He loves painting, all over his himself and his paper. I've grown to be able to handle the mess of craft time much better now that I have to kids. I've learn to let them enjoy it more than I had before.

Zane is great teacher and loves trying to show Rowan how to write, trace, and color.

Ro is easily entertained and plays with actual toys much more than his big brother ever did. He will drive trucks around, makes his cars go down the little slide in his room, play catch with me for long periods of time, just playing without an elaborate back story. This makes things a little bit easier. I guess we will see how long that lasts!