Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Why do I feel like time is whizzing by at a crazy fast pace. Last year it felt like Christmas went on forever, with never ending crafts, and celebrations. This year I can't seem to catch my breath and the Christmas season is almost past us. I guess that's what happens when three days a week you are work fourteen hour days. We are still managing to have lots celebrations and lot of crafting. I'm not going to show the finished product yet, since most of our crafts are for other people, but here are some pics of the messy, messy process.

Ok so this isn't a spoiler, they painted wooden soldiers, which turned into a just a piece of painted wood.

 And here is the finished product, on Rowan!

2. Grandpa got transferred to swing bed in Okeene this week. It can act as a hospital bed, rehab, or assisted living type situation. I hear he is in much better spirits now that he is back on his own stomping grounds. Mom is quite exhausted from the past few weeks, but everyone will be happy to hear that she is resting all week at the farm.

3. This week, in the whirl wind of everything, Zane lost his mind a little bit. He somehow forgot how to listen, to anything. So things got a little bit stricter around this house. I realized that we were swirling in all the Christmas excitement. So Gary spent a day in the North Pole, we read lots of Nativity books, we made things for other people, and worked hard on listening and being calm. I think today was slightly better, but I'm still nervous about the post Christmas let down.

4. On Saturday I got to join the yearly tradition of going to the Nutcracker with my mom, sister, niece, and her Godmother Tracie. It was lots of fun, though I did feel that there was a big mother daughter club I wasn't really a part of. But my niece will do. She was beautiful and danced all the way to the car. Loved it!

 We missed the other Mrs. Blakley, but it's the busy season at the shop so she couldn't join us. Maybe next time Aunt Kari!
This Miss Maggie J and I, sitting on the second row, loving our view!

5. Saturday morning we tried to go see Santa at Devon, which was lots of fun last year, but turns out everyone else found out about it this year. There was a huge line I wasn't interested in, so we went to the Science Museum for some fun instead!

Here is my Ro baby, loving the tractor! So stinking cute!

6. But first up on the docket Saturday morning was decorating Zach's cubicle so as to win the unspoken decorating contest between the Civil and Electrical departments. It included five Christmas trees, of various sizes, a light up snowman and toy soldiers, lots of lights, and a toy train. The boys loved the train and I hear the civil department was put to shame!! I hear they have retaliated, this could get out of control.

 Oh, and Rowan pretended to take selfies the whole time!

7. This week Gary brought the boys matching pajamas! They are beyond adorable, add some over sized cowboy boots, and it was pushed over the top!!

This is Zane's chosen Santa Clause outfit!

8. Sunday we got to enjoy the Christmas pageant after church, including our niece and nephew singing. The little kids might have not been able to pay attention that long, hence little E and I having some selfie fun. 

9. Today I went to work out in the middle of the afternoon, after meeting my new boss and getting my toes done with a friend. The cardio room was full of senior citizens and I was feeling really good about myself. I was bar far going the fastest on the tred mill and then I got a little cocky. Don't worry when I walked into the locker room I caught a glimpse of myself, weighed myself, and saw the high school swim team I was pushed completely over the edge!!!!! AAAAAHHHH hate myself! The struggle is real!

10. In less exciting news after tomorrow I am working five out of the next six days. I currently have a little tickle in my throat and am terrified!!!! I desperately don't want to be sick on Christmas! Happy last week of Christmas prep to everyone!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. I guess I'll start with a Grandpa update. He is still in the hospital in OKC, though doing a little bit better. He spent most of last week in the ICU battling pneumonia and trying to get his gut to wake back up after surgery. I went and visited this morning and he seemed to be in much better spirits and was working hard at "getting his legs back." Apparently after ten days in the hospital you "loose your legs." He is still fighting and hopefully will be back in Okeene, in the hospital, soon. Everyone's sending thoughts and prayers our way is greatly appreciated.

2. What else, Christmas celebrations at our house continue. I have reached the point where I am so proud of myself for getting all my Christmas presents purchased, but still feel the urge to buy things. I'm trying to fight off the urge and remember all the presents that are hidden around this house. This year I think I bought 99% of my presents on amazon, minus the one impulse one I got for Zach today. So easy, no crazy people, no lines, love it!!

3. On a related note our mail lady loved her cookies and the added bonus was she wrote us a thank you note. Zane loves getting mail and was so excited that she liked her cookies. Making people happy is what it's all about and is so much fun to see it through Zane's little eyes.

4. In very exciting news the Christmas ornaments that I had been mourning all week have been found. Zach and the boys took a trip to the farm, while I was working this weekend, and in the midst of their searches there it came to Zach were he had packed them in the original move. We now have a very full tree with our wonderful ornaments.

Rowan, very seriously, helping to place ornaments on the tree. He isn't very good at this yet, but he sure does like to try.

5. Of course we had to make some new ornaments this year as well. So far we have made a set of Ninja Turtles. Zane helped draw the mouths on while I worked the hot glue gun. Zane also colored some ornaments from Hobby Lobby, very well if I do say so myself.

6. Last night we watched A Charlie Brown Christmas, which Zane loves. After we watched the movie Zane requested to draw the nativity scene. He called it "that place where baby genius was when he was a baby, with all the animals." He did an amazing job. My favorite part was his egg person baby Jesus. "Here his head, here his legs, now I wrap him up." He made Mary blue and "his dady have one of those sticks that are curved at top." So cute!!

The yellow to the side is the star and the yellow on top is the Angel of the Lord. I think that's everyone.

7. Yesterday we went to Maggie's for an afternoon play date/Ginger bread house making party. The ginger bread house making was a hot, hot, sticky mess, as it always is, but I think the kids had fun. Rowan and Everett I'm pretty sure just ate the candy the entire time, which I'm sure was fun too. The day ended with everyone in tears for various reasons, but such is life. Everyone missed Grandma, but we powered on.

Note his huge cheek full of candy. Also, he found this Gary shirt at Target, pulled it off the hanger, and was trying to get it on so I figured we probably needed it. "Look Mamma, it Gary!"-Ro
 Yes, Rowan has the red frosting. That ended as you think it would!

 The final product!

8. This week also brought about our now annual candy cane hunt. We bought red and white candy canes and colorful ones. I asked Zane which ones he wanted to use for the hunt, thinking he would want the candy flavored ones, but this was his respond "I want the red and white ones because they are for America!" Such a little patriot!! In other random news Zane learned the Pledge of Allegiance over the past two weeks at school, very adorable. 

 The below picture is kind of misleading. Rowan looks as though he is having the time of his life hunting candy canes. This was not the case. He had a complete meltdown over wanting the candy canes to stay hanging up, having none of the hunt, until I put his bag around his neck, then all was right with the world.
 The take away was that Rowan loves to eat candy canes and had eaten all within his reach.
The hunt ended with capturing this adorable kiss!!!!

9. Gary continues to be up to no good, doing all sorts of shenanigans and was finally reached by Rowan this morning. To be fair Gary was on the table, completely within reach of Ro, playing Candy Land with the Ninja Turtles and Otto. Zane briefly panicked, but then quickly rescued Gary and put him back in the Christmas tree.

I love that the candy cane board disappears into my overly busy Christmas table cloth!

10. This afternoon it was finally nice enough to go back to the park by our house. The last time Zach took the boys Zane had learned how to climb all the way across the monkey bars by himself. He had done it quite a few times that visit and when we arrived he did it twice, no problem. Then I made the mistake of taking a picture of his awesome monkey bar skills. Then he couldn't do it anymore and just dangled there, kicking around. I was just waiting for the broken arm, but we got home safe. 

 Silly Silly boy!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Gary Update and Random Acts of Kindness

So Gary is back and much lazier than last year, sadly. Not nearly as exciting, but I'm sure he will pull it together soon. He has had a few accidents along the way and required emergency surgery last week, when his bell tragically fell off during one of his many flights around the house. Yes, a call had to be placed to Santa to make sure it was ok for Zane to get him down from the window and comfort him after surgery. Luckily Grandma Blakley was there to perform the surgery and all went well.

A little bird watching before surgery.

 Surgery with Grandma, Zane held him and cuddled him afterwards. He is so loving!

Gary has brought two new Christmas books and has made his way to all his usual favorite spots, wreaths, stockings, the Christmas tree, and of course into the cookies!!

The picture below resulted in another tumble, that Zane had to rescue him from.
 Snoozing under his cookie blanket with his elf friend and Santa's reindeer.

In other news, during the Christmas season this year I'm making a conscious effort to try to remind and teach Zane that Christmas is really all about being kind to be people, giving to those less fortune than you, and celebrating Jesus being born. I'm trying to teach him about how blessed we are to have so much and to enjoy so many wonderful things. Last year I think that might have gotten lost or maybe he was too little to understand it. So this year we are trying to incorporate random acts of kindness into our days and have chosen two little boys from the Angel tree at church to buy gifts for. 

Some of our random acts are planned, like baking cookies for our neighbors and the mail lady, and candy canning our neighborhood. But I'm sure we will find other kind things to do, like putting money in the Salvation Army buckets, letting people go in front of us in line, opening doors for people and generally being kind to those around us. We should really be doing these things year round, but I am taking this time of year to refocus us towards thinking of others.

This afternoon we went shopping for the two little boys we had chosen. Zane and I had at long conversation about how these children most likely didn't have a house over flowing with toys. Zane didn't understand why Santa wouldn't just bring these boys toys, fair question, that I didn't really have a great answer to, beside that we were kind of playing Santa too. It took him quite a while to realize that just because I was buying these boys things didn't mean that I wasn't going to buy them presents or that Santa wasn't coming to our house. Empathy is a very hard thing to try to figure out. I'm sure he can't picture a world that isn't full of loving family members, surrounded by everything he ever wanted. But he eventually got into the spirit of picking things out for these kids. We got them one big present and they both got an outfit. I don't know why I bought them matching ones, as though they are brothers, I don't think they are, but I couldn't help myself. 

Then this evening the conversations about kindness and helping others continued as I tried to explain to Zane that he was going to go to school in the morning so I could go be with Grandma and help with Great Grandpa. It's hard to be little and try to think about anyone other than yourself. Especially when you're so blessed to have the world revolve around you the majority of the time!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. We are now fully in the Christmas spirit here at the Korenak house. Friday brought some difficult news, of my Grandfather being taken to the hospital in OKC for surgery. But after a day of waiting for updates, praying, and mulling around being stressed, we decided to go ahead with our carousel plans we previously had planned. The Myriad Gardens have put a carousel up for the downtown Christmas fun. It was lots of fun and only a dollar a ride. I highly recommend it.

I love this picture of Zane and I, mainly because it is a rarity that one of my boys look like me.

2. While we were downtown we found penguins!!! Imagine Zane's delight, right up until he realized they weren't real. Still very exciting stuff and a perfect spot for picture taking.

 Zane's pure excitement!!
 The little boys weren't quite sure when picture time was over.
Korenak Family Christmas photo!

3. Since Grandpa was in the hospital in the city our Thanksgiving plans were changed from the farm to Abbey's house. Which left Saturday wide open for Christmas decorating our house. After a huge debacle of getting into our storage unit, we finally had our Christmas tree to put up. I was absolutely devastated to find out that our Christmas ornaments, from my whole life, except last year, have gone missing. I'm praying and hoping that they are at mom's or at the lake somewhere, but until then I'm buying every ornament that I like and trying not to look too closely at our sad tree. 

 Little Rowan was a huge help this year with classic two year old tree decorating, all the ornaments put in the exact same place!
 Luckily we made about fifteen different ornaments last year. 
Our Christmas mantel. Yes, Rowan has pulled a stocking down onto his head already.

4. Since I was supposed to work on Monday, December 1st, Gary the Elf arrived a day early. 
Zane was beyond excited and this year so was little Rowan, who walked around saying, "Hi Gary!!" and waving at him. Adorable!!!

 Gary was so kind to hang up some ornaments from the lights in the dinning room and playroom to add a little extra Christmas spirit to our house.
Yes, Gary made a mess with marshmallows everywhere, which Rowan was quick to help clean up, by eating all of them!!

5. Sunday was our big Thanksgiving dinner at Abbey's house. It was delicious and freezing cold outside. I helped the kids plant some bulbs outside, mom helped BW fix his bike, we rocked fun hats, and then stuffed ourselves with wonderful food!

 Brendan got to move up to the big kids table this year. Lots of fun!!

6. Yesterday, we started our advent calendar. We went with the off brand Lego set since the real lego one was outrageously expensive. Zane has no idea, so it's working out well. Between the advent calendar and Gary the morning are very exciting around here. 

 Turns out Gary loves spices!!!

7. Tonight was the family Christmas party for Guernsey, at the Bricktown Ballpark. Santa was there and the snow tubing hills were running very fast. Zach and Zane both went down a couple times, I think Zach might have sustained a shoulder injury, but it was a great time. 

After a bit of a pep talk, Zane did great with Santa.
 Rowan was having none of seeing Santa, but he still got a stocking.
 Here I am with my, very brave four year old, after he had seen Santa.
 This guy was very confused as to why we called Zane Bobo, it's a long story!

8. Here are Zach and I, taking a Christmas selfie!

 While Zane found a pile of leaves to play in. Huge leaf piles are greatly missed from our years in STL.
 Rowan, rocking the Whippets hat.

9. Since Grandma has been here, visiting Great Grandpa, she has had some slumber parties at our house. Turns out a mattress on the floor is the perfect winter activity. Rowan did get a bloody lip, which I didn't know about it until I saw blood stains on the mattress. Such is life. I'm sure that isn't the best thing for a mattress, but oh well. 

10. Have I mentioned that Rowan's new form of kissing involves liking our entire face. He calls it a puppy dog kiss, I call it border line disgusting, but I guess it's kind of cute. 

 I can't believe I was able to capture it twice today! Love my little Ro baby!!