Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ten On Wednesday

1. We survived the week without daddy, but barely. OMG, God bless the single mothers in the world, I was dying by the time I got home from work on Friday. Huge thanks to Uncle Able who stepped up and was in charge of both of my boys Thursday and Friday while I was at work. The boys got to take part in fall farm camp Friday, which I think went well. They were exhausted by Friday night, but that didn't stop Rowan from waking up all night like a crazy person.
 Here is little Ro in a sweater Able could never wear because his head was too big.
2. Wednesday was mom's birthday so we had a dinner with Able and the boys at my house, a great excuse for me to recruit help with my babies in the evening. Zane got hold of my super expensive camera and took some pictures of the birthday girl! Happy Birthday Mom!
And a shot of his little brother too

3. Rowan has lost his mind, period. I seriously have no idea what his problem is besides he is exhausted in the day from being up at night. He slept until 5AM yesterday morning, which is an improvement, but still not ideal. He is fighting every battle and making sure all his decisions are his own. It's been rough and I'm hoping getting back into his routine of school and having daddy at home will help.
4. As much as my boys fight and struggle to get along, Zane is getting bitten on a daily basis, poor thing, they really do truly love each other. Rowan woke up before Zane Monday at nap time, so when sleepy Zane came out of his room he said, "Mamma, can I lay by him. I love him." He also told me in the morning that he loved Rowan's little hand, because it is "so warm and little." Ro refuses to hold my hand on walks, but Bobo's will do just fine.

5. Do to Ro's sleeping troubles I have tried to put off all errands and leaving the house until after naps. If he falls asleep in the car all bets are off now. So this means quiter, slower paced morning, sometimes I try to sneak a trip to the gym in but he is a basket case at drop offs there now too. Monday our quite morning consisted of a walk to the neighborhood playground. It was a beautiful weather and Zane was batman, so that makes everything more fun. Ro decided he was a big boy, to turn his hat around, or be held on the swing, and he decided he cold climb the rock wall.

6. We have been trying to catch a turtle by our pond for a while now. Sometimes there are upwards of twenty turtles around our lake, but as soon as we cross the street and head their way they slip into the water. We looked at the other pond yesterday, with the same results, but we did find this "party house" as Zane called it, a.k.a a weeping willow to play in. 

7. Rowan's new love for trains is adorable. I think it stems from choo choo being the only word he can say to request a cartoon in the evening. However, this new development has led to a resurrection of  the train table. Monday we finally came to a happy place where Rowan would drive his train on the tracks, not tear them apart. They played happily for maybe ten minutes. This is HUGE!!!

 Yep, that's my Ro with one shoe on, playing with choo choos!

8. This week arts and crafts continued at our house. Zane is a slave driver about the arts and crafts and I'm starting to run out of ideas. So we painted pumpkins, at 8 AM one day. This got incredibly messy and Rowan painted lots of things besides the pumpkin, but we had a "project." Zane loves a project.

9. Zane's heart birthday is Sunday, he is asking about what we're going to do and what kind of celebration we are going to have. I love that he enjoys the celebration of him being "special." I'm not sure what our fun activity will be, but something to celebrate our sweet boy. 

10. What else is happening..... I miss my boys when I'm at work here, more than I did in St. Louis. I think it's because I'm less busy and have more time to sit around and miss their sweet faces. It could be that I'm working more here too, but it isn't getting better as time goes on. Nothing to be done about it, but it is weighing on my  mind. I've worked the past two days if you can't tell.

Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Costume Party 2014

There are a lot of October birthdays in our family so usually they are celebrated in a joint even at some point during the month. This year I volunteered to host the party since my house is extremely festive right now. The birthday party is one of two big Halloween bashes we are having this year, the other of course being on Halloween night, but Aunt Kari and Uncle Able will be out of town for that so we will be going all out, twice. This party was obviously Halloween themed, as is our entire house. Costumes were optional, but everyone wore one for at least some period of time during the night.

 Here are the boys under our new party tent. Of course we had to decorate the tent with some Halloween goodies!!

Here was our creepy menu:
-Jack o Lantern cheese burgers which I think ended up not actually looking like Jack-O-Lanterns, failure on the grillers part
-Jack-O-Lantern Butternut squash
-Pumpkin deviled eggs
-Carmel corn served out of caldron with skeleton hands
-Vampire Donuts (donuts with vampire teeth in the middle chocolate chips for eyes)
-Scary Halloween cupcakes with all sorts of spooky things on top
-Carrots in the shape of a jack-o-lantern with cucumber eyes with dip
-Spooky punch with an ice cube hand, floating eye balls, and dry ice to make is smoke/extra creepy
-Ice cubes with worms, snakes, or flies frozen in them
-Spooky little wienies
-And chips and dip which wasn't really that spooky

Who was in attendance:
-Elsa: played my Aunt Abbey, not Maggie
-Two pumpkins: Maggie and Grandma
-Boba Fett: Brendan
-Batman: Everett
-Curious George/Dracula/Spiderman(ever so briefly): Zane
-Man in the Yellow Hat: Zach, who wore his costume for all of five minutes, claiming it was "too hot" that cannot happen on Halloween night.
-Spooky Chef: Uncle Able
-Scarecrow in a tie: Uncle Brent
-Lady Liberty: Aunt Kari
-Witch: Yours truly
-Purple Penguin a la Uncle Able's childhood costume: Rowan

 The Korenaks
 The Ladies
 The Newly Weds
 The pumpkins
 Rowan in the Purple Penguin costume that Grandma made for Uncle Able back in the day.
 I apparently don't have the full Richard clan, but here are Mr. & Mrs. Richards

We were quite the amazing crew and most of us rocked our costumes all evening. I loved my tutu, even though I'm sure it made me look huge, it was comfy and sparkly, and left a trail of glitter everywhere I went.There was a party game, of course, Bat in the Cave, which is like pin the tail on the donkey only you're trying to put the bats in the cave. There is apparently a tent at the fair in the Curious George Halloween movie called Bat in the Cave, but I adapted it to this into a party game and made our very own cave. There were requests to bob for apples, which I guess we'll have to do at the next party.

 A literal bat in the cave!

 While other people were putting bats in a cave, Rowan was hitting the party punch a little too hard. If you left your cup unattended, Ro was downing it!

Grandma got her present, which was a huge hammock, that was tons of fun to lay in and to fall out of. Yes, the eventually ended in tears, but I think there was much more fun had in it than injury. I think at the end of the night all the grandkids were in the hammock, with Uncle Able, star gazing with blankets, pillows, and party drinks.

 After dinner there was a mass pumpkin carving that I happily enjoyed watching and photographing without having to be elbow deep in pumpkin guts. Rowan chose to draw on his belly instead, which was great. Somehow the pumpkin carving ended with everyone in their underwear, I think so as not to get costumes dirty, but made it difficult to take internet appropriate pictures.

 Korenak boys with Zane's scary ghost pumpkin

 Ro wasn't carving so he just chewed on a knife, excellent parenting on my part!
 Take a good look at those awesome socks!

I think a good time was had by all and I'm so glad everyone got to enjoy all the Halloween fun here at the Korenak casa. We'll be ready to do it all over again on Halloween night!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Halloween excitement continues at our house. We have done a ton of different art projects and I'm starting to disappoint Zane because I am quickly running out of ideas. The "drying station," a.k.a the top part of my counter in the kitchen, is starting to become a little overwhelming and I'm not sure what we are going to do with all this art. Rowan is definitely getting in on all the crafting as well. He painted "monsters" (toilet paper rolls), helped put eyes and arms on them, painted a plate orange that we later added a pumpkin face too, and loves all things spiders (spidies in 19 month old speek). He also says skelie for skeleton, and punkie for pumpkin. Anyway, after all of this our house looks kind of like a first grade classroom on crack, but is nothing if not festive.

 This painting festivity took place on Rowan's craziest day. You can imagine how fun that was!
Zane reads this Halloween magazine ALL the time for new Halloween ideas.

 2. Our weekend Fall/Halloween activity was the Pumpkin Palooza at Mitch Park. That is a fantastic name, that leads one to believe there would be a lot of pumpkins and all sorts of other funtvities. This should have more appropriately been call a fall/halloween carnival since there were maybe ten little games kids could play for candy prizes. The boys did get to bust out their costumes for the first time. Zane choose Ninja Turtle, really only his shell and sword, the mask interfered with the game playing, and Rowan was an adorable tiger. We waited all day for this event to begin, I really wish we would have done something else instead. Our list of Fall activities is long we don't have very many weekends to get them done.

 Yes, I rocked my witches hat!

3. Friday morning Zane decided to call Uncle Able, unbeknownst to me, which led to a morning of fun with him. We met for breakfast then Able came with us to see Otto. Turns out Otto is rarely there, it just so happened we him our first two time to ever go so now Zane is disappointed every time we go and he isn't there.We went again today with Maggie and it did not fail to disappoint.

 4. For those of you who thought I might have rushed to judgement on Rowan turning two, sadly I did not. He remains a crazy person, full body fits, not wanting to take naps, hitting people in the face, all sorts of fun. I am not excited about this new phase, but he remains so cute I just can hardly stand it. 
 This was today's two year old show down of the day. He choose to not play in the gymnastic area because I told him he couldn't take his juice to go play. But that was HIS decision.
5. Today Zach headed to North Dakota for work, leaving me to single parent the rest of the week. Today Grandma hung out with us, as did Maggie since her mom is in D.C. Able's wife got in on the traveling action as well and is in Montana. I want to go to a random location for a few days!! Anyway, I'm saying my prayers that Rowan doesn't loose his mind tonight because Mommy does not cut it at night time. 

6. Tonight was the last Blue Falcon's game. It was a night game, under the lights. We hadn't braved a night game because they start right around bed time but I couldn't miss the last one. The Falcons struggled but a great time was had by all. It was maybe a little bit too late of night for Ro, who decided to would just lay down in the middle of the side walk. 

7. I made an adult tutu this week. Turns out tule with any kind of glitter in it is a terrible idea, but how was I to know, I don't make tutus often, or ever. Also, tutu's are not flattering on an already fat body, but what else am I suppose to wear for a witch's costume. I'm all set and think I might set it on fire after Halloween. 

8. We got two knew fish this week. You'll never guess their names, Dracula and Pumpkin. I'm telling you, Halloween crazy. Rowan has taken to really loving them and checks on them all the time. So far so good with no murders of the new guys. 

9. Happy Birthday to my mom, tomorrow. We took her to an early birthday lunch today and I think might have a birthday dinner over here tomorrow, followed by the official October bday party on Sunday. October is busy month for birthdays, we are working on getting bday cards made for everyone here as well. 

10. Ok, I'm exhausted and can't come up with number ten, so how about some random cute photos from my phone from this past week. 

First up, Zane and I's "scary selfie" Zane's words, not mine.
Then Ro in a clown hat, no pants.
 and finally little Ro with his dinosaur, who has taken to cuddling, sleeping with, and even sometimes offering him his binki. Oh and of course he makes him roar to scare people. Classic boy fun!