Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. The highlight of Rowan's trip to Orr farm Sunday was getting to ride a real Choo Choo. Yes, Rowan has ridden on numerous trains, but not since his new found obsession with them. This was a great train ride, long, winding track, around a pound and through all the farm ground. There weren't any tunnels, so Zane was disappointed. The STL zoo train has really set the bar far too high. While on the train ride there was a brief moment when Zane had his arm around his little brother. It was so unbelievably adorable. I can't believe I had my camera at the ready to capture it.

The Korenak men, waiting for the train ride to begin. Zane was not to happy that we made him keep his hat string tied. But right before this shot his had blew off and he nearly ran in front of the train while trying to catch it. In OK wind you have to keep the string tied.
 Here's the train coming around the bend. I'm pretty sure this pond was built specifically so the train could go around it, but still a pretty view.
 Brotherly love

2. Sunday morning Rowan woke up with a bit of a natural fo-hawk. Zach went with it and styled his hair that way for the outing. It didn't really last that long and ended with his hair just looking even more crazy than normal. He is still so stinking cute though!

3. Ok one more from our farm adventure then we'll move on. Admission included rides on the carousel. Not really sure why Zane is winking, but pretty cute.
 I got to ride with Rowan who loved waving at daddy every time around.

4. With all our fall fun there is only one thing missing, fall. It has been ninety degrees here all week which I find highly annoying. Were is the chill in the air, the fall leaves, the need for a hoodie??? No where to be found, making all our fall activities way to sweaty and today I got multiple mosquito bites. This is not ok!!!! So when the world gives you lemons, make lemonade. On Saturday we ran through sprinklers and played in the water table. Why not, it was stupid hot, might as well. Sure wish our pool would have lasted longer this year. 

5. Rowan is loving his new woof woof. When he woke up from his nap Saturday he and woof woof were wearing the same outfit, blue shirt, no pants. I put a cape on him and then they were perfect twins!!!

 Rowan loved it!

 And then his brother got involved!!

6. So after Saturday's Monster Mash at Pumpkinville the boys and I went back yesterday to get all the pumpkins we could carry for five dollars. There was not a soul there, so we had the run of the place. It was tons of fun and I am so glad we got another chance to play there before it comes down.

7. This weekend we had a beautifully, calm, family park trip. Rowan wanted to sit and watch the quack quacks, quietly, perfectly still. It was very strange, but I loved it. Then we headed to the playground for more pretend Halloween decorating. That's been going on for weeks, lots of fun. Rowan was rocking the fo-hawk for this fun time as well.

8. Yesterday we took a trip to the Spice Shop and got the new Spice to Plate cookbook that is out just in time for the holiday season. It has three different recipes for ten different, delicious, blends. I cannot wait to try some of the new recipes. The biggest question I get when I tell people about the shop is "what do you do with all the blends." Usually I just tell them to pick a meat or a veggie and put it on it. But a cookbook could possibly be a better idea. Head over to Savory Spice Shop OKC for all sorts of present ideas and lots of tasty ideas for Thanksgiving as well!!

 Here is Zane with all our new goodies!!!
9. Yesterday morning Grandma joined us for some morning fun. We went to the park to see a lot more quack quacks. We brought bread and everything. We played Santa Clause shop on the playground. Then we tried to find Halloween sale deals and failed, so went to eat lunch and play at Chic-Fila. Did you know that you can change out your toy in the kids meal for free ice cream?? I didn't, but good to know!!

10. This afternoon we met up with Grandma again for an outing to enjoy the beautifully cooler weather. We tried to go to the nature reserve, which apparently is closed on Tuesday, so end up at the park by Lake Hefner. We went to "the beach" a.k.a the half dried up lake and sang songs on the Dwight D Eisenhower memorial. Maggie proclaimed him her "favorite friend." No, he isn't from Oklahoma, not really sure why he has a memorial here, but guess he was a cool guy. 

 All the kids looking at the camera at once, unbelievable
 Maggie and her favorite friend
 The boys and I at the Oklahoma beach. We would have wondered down the rocks onto the "beach" had there not been a policeman parked right there.
 Oh and we saw some more quack quacks, Rowan said hi for a long time and really wanted to touch one.

- Our craft projects this week included a Gingerbread Haunted House, which was lots of fun and a great way to get rid of some unwanted Halloween candy. 

 I tried to use up the bottle of eyes I got for the Ninja Turtle cupcakes, don't worry we still have a lot left.

- And there was an art competition at Zach's work for the Christmas card. We worked on how to draw snowmen and reindeer. Then Zach forgot to take the pictures to work on Monday, so we rushed them up to him before work closed. But not before a last minute submission of a fireplace and Christmas tree. 

 -Lastly we had a "paper competition" one night. This was Zane's random idea and he loved it! The Boo that Zane drew won first place, he was very proud.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Monster Mash 2014

Saturday night we went to the Monster Mash at the Myriad Gardens. It didn't start until six so I was a little bit concerned about how my sleepy boys would do but it went wonderfully. There was lots of debate before hand about which costume who would wear. Zane wanted to be a dinosaur, but then Rowan was convinced the dinosaur costume was his, huge fits were thrown. So Zach and I pulled a fast one and gave Zane his heart birthday present early. Zane had requested a spiderman costume, apparently like every other four to six year old in the tri county area. Rowan settled upon the clown costume that I put him upon our arrival to the party. He took the heat off immediately, but keep the rest of the outfit on for the whole party!

 This picture sums up my big boy Zane. So adorable!!
 Note one of Zane's Spiderman friends on the letter behind him.

The moment we walked into the party Zane immediately met another Spiderman, just like him. He loved it and they were fast friends. This made for a very difficult, stressful, parenting night. We lost Zane on more than one occasion and the multiple Spidermans running around made finding him nearly impossible. At one point Zach was yelling at the other blonde headed Spiderman, thinking it was Zane, only to find out he still had no idea where our son was. The good news is that the whole things was well fenced in, Zane and Rowan both had a blast, and we went home with both of our children intact. It would have been a little bit nicer had it not been ninety degrees outside. Everyone got lots of candy, met all sorts of other super heroes, and scary people. There were glow in the dark jugglers, a party pic station that never emailed me our family photos (really annoying OG&E), but we did get free night lights from them. I never ceased to be amazed at Zane's personality with other children, it isn't always met with the same enthusiasm that Zane has, but he usually rolls with it pretty well.

 Here is Zane inside of a pumpkin, very cool stuff.
 Lots of time was spent going back and forth through the spider web tunnel.

 Rowan was really wanting some Skittles at this point, not really interested in cute tractor pictures.

 The Richards family was there was well, though I only got to see them in pacing since I was spent most of my night trying to keep track of Spiderman and our little clown. Maggie was a dancer that night, she also has been mixing up her costumes. Brendan and Everett stayed true with their Boba Fett and Batman costumes, both adorable.   There were all sorts of creepy, scary decorations, pumpkins galore, spooky music, and we all had a blast. It was a much bigger success than the Myriad Gardens Easter Egg Hunt, we'll be doing this one again for sure!!

 Yet another Spiderman on the see saw. Zane also fought crime with the batman on the other end at various times during the evening. Fight crime included running as fast as he could in the opposite direction from Zach and I.
 Look at this beauty!
 Little Batman, ready to go!
 So maybe Rowan got a little tired there at the end, hysterical.