Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Prep 2014

Last night I arrived home from work to little Rowan throwing up everything he tried to drink. He was dying of thirst and really wanted to chug entire cups of Pedialyte, but then promptly would throw it back up. He finally gave it up, half cuddling me, just in his diaper (clothes privileges had been lost hours early) while I watched the season finally of Scandal. Which, as a side note, was completely asinine, as I had expected, but entertaining.

It was one of those nights where we laid down to sleep bracing for the worst. The worst being Q2hr vomiting from the baby followed by big brother waking up throwing up as well, with the added possibility that all four of us could be praying to the porcelain God's by morning. However, the best case scenario prevailed here, and there was much rejoicing!! Ro got up a few times and we gave him small drinks of pedialyte and then he requested to go back to bed. What a good little sick boy. This morning he seemed a little less energetic but brought me a thing of mandarin oranges for breakfast, which he kept down great! He did spend most of the afternoon taking an epic nap, the likes of which his Grandpa Blakley would have been terribly proud of. At the four and a half hour point I woke him up because it was two thirty and I wanted some hope of him sleeping tonight.

While Ro slept Zane and I had lots of Easter fun. We dyed Easter Eggs, after much conversation about what the word dye meant, verses die?? This is very confusing and I couldn't figure out how to explain that to a three year old, so the verbiage was quickly changed to "coloring eggs" so as to avoid any confusion about death being involved in our Easter fun. I was amazed and impressed by his patience, his attention span, and how very careful he was with all our different tasks. We did all the activities that come in the PAAS dying kit. We did the wrappers that suck onto your egg in boiling water, which Zane found to be a fascinating 'smearment.' Really all of our egg coloring was a great experiment. We left eggs in all the colors while we put the wrappers on, so that some of the eggs would actually get to beautiful dark color. We put stickers on some after they dried, we colored on them with crayons, making purple minions, monsters, and writing our 'letters' (aka names). I couldn't believe that at the point he had finally lost interest (which was probably a solid 45 minutes later) we had just run out of eggs to dye. What are the odds??

Zane called his dipper a bat for some reason and could not have his mind changed that it wasn't really a bat. He also enjoyed pretending to have a monocle, which was highly entertaining. At least this year he put the eggs in with the dipper, but taking them out still pretty much involved putting his whole hand in the cup.

 Pure excitement, ever so gently, putting his first egg in a cup.
 Zane even got to put his eggs in the boiling water and watch the wrapper suck onto it. He loved it!
 Carefully drawing a purple minion egg.
 The tongs could get them out of the water sometimes, but he had to rearrange them all on the drying wrack so he still ended up with very colorful hands.
 Here are our beautiful results!

After this I was prepared to sit and rest, but Zane and his crazy good memory, reminded me that we still needed to make bunny rolls and bread. We had ever so briefly discussed this in the morning and I had fully banked on him not remembering about it, but did buy some yeast just in case. Let me start by saying I am terrible at making bread, it stresses me out, and usually doesn't go well. But I was ready to give it the old college go in the Easter spirit. Zane was very excited that we were finally going to get to use the 'caption hook' thing on the Kitchen Aid mixer, and we were going to use the spill guard, which was a whole knew, cool attachment he had never even seen before (again, I never make bread). The cooking part went well and as I was kneeding it I turned around to find my little Zane, diligently cleaning, with Clorox wipes, the mixer and counter. "It not shiny yet mamma, we not done." In the midst of his kindness and trying to be helper, he spilled one of our two long term experimental eggs, that had been set aside to see how dark they would get if we left them in their cups all the way through naps. This means that my counter top is now tan with a bit of pink hue to it. It will get better, right???

Ready for action, waiting for the milk to cool. He was taking his bread making very serious, spatula at the ready in case of an emergency.
 Tasting time!!! He loved the Captain Hook attachment.
 And here is a child after my own heart. He got everything nice and shiny. Notice in the background the pink egg dye spilled all over the counter and the pink egg clearly out of it's cup. Oops!

Sadly the bread making fell apart at the very last step, right about the point where I stopped reading mom's detailed instructions, but to fair the instructions to the final step were not included in my handout. I took out our bunny rolls, which look more like fat rats because I made them too big, but it's ok. Then I took the bread out, when it was ever so slightly browned. I, being apparently an idiot, try to it turn it over onto a cooling wrack, and it fell in on itself, rendering it terribly ugly and obviously under cooked. Yet another bread failure on my part. The rolls I think will at least taste good if they do look like field mice with multiple stab wounds. Zane went a little crazy "adding eyes" all over their fat little bodies. Good times!! I don't really want to put a picture of this failure on the world wide web, but here goes.

 Note to self, smaller balls for our rolls next time.

In the afternoon there was a small Easter Basket debacle. The debacle being that Zane is a liar and told his teacher that the blue camouflage basket was his, so she wrote his name on it and he took it home. Turns out it was some other poor little boy was devastated today at the thought of not having an Easter basket for Easter. So we had to take it back and have a conversation about the difference between wanting things and them actually being yours. Apparently the note about the Easter Egg hunt specifically said not to bring home baskets, per Zach, so Zane hadn't brought one. Who knows, but I feel bad that he borderline stole an Easter basket.

As for the rest of our Easter celebrations Zane and I have gone over the plan for tomorrow roughly eighty times today, but he still can't seem to grasp it. We are going to a big Easter Egg Hunt at the Myriad Gardens THEN going to Grandma's to fly kites. He is very confused, but I'm hoping we will all have a great time hunting eggs in the morning, with his very own Ninja Turtle Easter basket. I'm holding my breath that Zane doesn't start vomiting tonight and sending prayers over to the Richard's kiddos who apparently might be battling a stomach bug as well. It would really be tons of fun if the whole Blakley crew could make it up to the farm for Easter. Here's hoping!!

P.S. I'd like to wish my sister in law Trina a very Happy Birthday today!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tales of a TET Baby....continued

I find it odd how often Zane's stripe, surgery, or general medical history come up in our daily lives. It doesn't really bother me anymore, or send me realing into a dark place, but it's odd, and strange how much that event has shaped things, and changed our story.

Last night, before bed, when Zane was cuddling Mooley, we were talking about how long he had had her and that she had been with him at the Towers. I told him there were pictures of him as a baby, in the hospital, cuddling Mooley, after he had gotten his stripe. Of course Zane wanted to see said pictures so off I went to get the picture album labeled September 2010 to May 2011. Not an album that I really like to look through often. But Zane was very interested, looking at all the pictures of him in the hospital and after he got home. He studied them closely and at one point said, "it was a boo boo before it a stripe, that weird." I guess he hadn't really put two and two together that his stripe is really just a healed wound. So interesting to see his little mind working, figuring out that the baby in the pictures was him and that where the baby had a big boo boo is now where his stripe is. Lots to wrap a three year old mind around.

Then today I spent a lot of time at working trying to get Zane a prescription for antibiotics that he can take before his dentist appointment next week. This is a huge pain and involved me explaining TET to multiple people, recounting his heart history, all while knowing that his actual cardiologists don't think premedding with antibiotics is even necessary for teeth cleaning. But dentists I'm sure aren't messing around with a three year old who had a TET repair. I'm fine with erroring on the side of caution, but again just strange how often this comes up in my daily life.

When I got home from work, and was trying to pry any morsel of information out of Zane about his day, Zach said that two girls told him that Zane had lifted his shirt up on the playground, and this comical conversation ensued. "I just want to show the girls my stripe." "Did you show your teacher?" "I not show her, just the girls." Followed by an adorable ornery grin. "What did they say when they saw your stripe?" "They say ooh grouse." Giggle giggle. "Did they actually say that Zane?" "No, what they actually say is, put your shirt down!!" Hysterical!!!! And we live to fight another day without bullies or mean kids, just little girls equally disgusted by all boys chests, with or without a stripe. But Daddy was quick to encourage Zane to keep showing his stripe to the ladies, they will find it very cool soon enough.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. So it snowed yesterday. Of course I was off work to enjoy the freezing, windy, temps. I went to the eye doctor in hopes of simple, "here is another year's worth of contacts." But per usual I need to make time to do this twice as well. This doctor is the first doctor in about nine years of contacts that thought I needed a less strong prescription, which lead to a day with a splitting headache, squinting and not being able to see well. So I go back next Monday to try again. Why must everything be so difficult?

2. Zane's current, new, obsession is the Ninja Turtles. I have no idea where he originally found out about them, but ever since he chose the Ninja Turtles as his one licensed t-shirt, he has loved them. Daddy found some Ninja Turtle episodes from his childhood on streaming Amazon, I downloaded the theme song, and this weekend Daddy got out some of his old Ninja Turtle toys and the obsession is complete. He is growing up too fast and is so big I can hardly stand it! Sadly the Ninja Turtle toys have been put on the chopping block of my, almost four year old, doesn't stop pooping in his pants. Yes, years later we are still having this conversation.

 In the Ninja Turtle spirit, mom and Zane died some Ninja Turtle eggs while I was at the eye doctor.
 Oh and this afternoon we found this treasure at the store. 
Take note of his handsome haircut.

3. Last week the boys and I took a quick day trip up to Grandma's to help plant some veggies and have some farm fun. It was a gorgeous day and we had lots of fun, even though Rowan wasn't feeling the best in the afternoon. Here are Grandma and Zane working on planting potatoes, onions, carrots, and some dill. Next time we are going to plant a tree and maybe some flowers. 

Here is Ro baby, with his newly jubby cheeks, after enjoying a wagon wide. His face is changing again, which kind of makes me sad as I know this year it will move more and more away from his sweet baby face.

4. After naps we took the boys down to wade in the creek. This is an activity that I did all the time as a child. Looking back on how we use to wade the creek it was pretty grouse/dangerous. There were no water shoes, usually no adults involved, and there were lots of cuts on random pieces of glass while wading in the nasty creek water, but boy was it fun. Zane loved walking the creek with mom, while Rowan was miserably hot (see fever from above teething situation) and did not the cold water or the sand. Ro and I headed back to the house rather quickly, but mom and Zane did a lot more exploring without us. 

 Ro and I's beach front selfie! Mom's camera give us a nice bronze.

5. After yesterday's struggles today I was bound and determined to get out of the house for an adventure. I feel like we don't go do fun things as much here, there are less to choose from, and less friends readily available to do stuff with me. So this morning the boys and I went to the OKC Science Museum, which was worlds of fun. We got there right when the doors opened so pretty much had it to ourselves for the first 45 minutes, before the field trip crowds arrived. This worked out perfectly since I didn't have anyone with me to help with the boys. I'm so happy to report Zane did amazingly well listening, staying by me, and no fits were thrown this day. More than I can say for yesterday. So we had a celebratory early lunch with Uncle Able. It was a great morning.

I loved watching the boys play in the tractor cab. It was odd that everything inside wasn't caked in red dirt, but lots of fun!!  How adorable is this picture!
 Brother microscope time is always fun!

 Rowan could not figure out what to do with this, absolutely no idea that it was a phone. I tried to show him how to use it, but I don't think he was buying it. So funny!!

 6. After months of trying to explain to Zane that he doesn't need to carry Rowan places I think he is starting to get it, just a little a bit. He now is a big helper and holds Rowan's hand, walking him out to the car, every time we go somewhere. It is so precious. We're still working on Zane not trying to pull him, just walk slowly beside him, but this morning it worked perfectly and was so adorable. 

7. I have been trying to get my life pulled together a little bit as of late. We are trying to get our finances situated, try to find a way to pay off some debt and save some money. Trying to get back into exercising and eating better, and trying to get myself, and everyone else caught up on their doctor's appointments. That means for the rest of the month, every Monday, and sometimes other days, there will be doctor's appointments for someone. I hate it really, but part of healthy life I guess. Up next my second eye appointment and Zane's dentist appointment next week. I think we're going to have Mommy and Zane's day of fun afterwards, which should make it better.

8. We are all getting excited for this weekends Easter festivities. I haven't been at the farm for Easter since before Dad died. I am excited to see/possibly have the boys take part in the creation story at Bison, a very fond memory from my childhood. However, this mass doesn't start until 8pm so I doubt we will make it through the whole thing, since 8pm is bed time on a usual night. Saturday morning we are hunting Easter Eggs at Myriad Gardens and I'm sure there will be plenty of eggs to hunt at the farm as well. Stay tuned for pictures of the boys in their matching outfits, complete with matching bow ties. It should be amazingly adorable, if they can stay up that late! 

9. The Easter pictures should be interesting this year after Zane's experiments with hair cutting tonight. Last night both boys got hair cuts, which went as well as they ever do, with a little blood shed from Ro's ear, but who is counting. This evening I had to do my usual second round trim up of Rowan's hair so it doesn't stick straight up in the back, it still looks pretty terrible. I sat the scissors down for 2.5 seconds to wipe hair off Rowan and Zane proceeded to take a chunk out of his hair. The scissors had been sitting on the counter in his bathroom all day, so I guess we are lucky it only looked this bad. Also lucky he didn't cut his finger off with the incredibly sharp hair cutting scissors. With his Blakley come over it is less noticeable, but possible buzz cut in my sweet blonde headed boy's future, which will be devastating. I'm sure we will laugh about it some day, not yet... soon!

10. In lovely rental house news, which is always soooo exciting, after a month of calling and finally threatening to try to get out of our contract (again) they finally came and did some repairs. The section of fence, that had fallen into our neighbor's yard, was replaced, we now finally have a fully functioning dishwasher, most of the broken boards on the deck have been replaced, and they picked up the shingles in our yard. Our yard is now covered by new shingles, courtesy of  windy Oklahoma, but it was a nice gesture at the time. Our washing machine has broken again (fourth time for those of you keeping count). We have given up and are going to switch it out with an extra one mom had. Epic failure!!! 

Happy Easter Week Everyone!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

13.5 Month Old Rowan

I hadn't planned on doing a 13 month post, but I feel like Rowan has changed so much during this month, it warrants a post. Rowan has quickly gone from a a tiny person who hates eating to kind of a chunkier who can't stop eating. He will eat anything and everything and does all day long. I'm not sure what he does at daycare, I'm sure they can't feed him all day, but he makes up for it on the days that I'm home home with him. I wish I could get into his little head and figure out his thought process on what he decides to bring me from the pantry. It ranges from applesauce, to mandarin oranges, or green beans, or apple crisps, or fruit pouches, or peaches, or goldfish crackers, and the list goes on and on. I have had to set a three banana limit for one setting because I'm pretty sure he would eat banana's non-stop if given the chance.  This picture is how I would sum up Rowan at 13 months. This is how he spends a good portion of his day, kicking his feet in the high chair, yelling "ahhh daaaattt" unnecessarily loudly when he is out of banana, camelbak always close at hand.

To help with all the eating Rowan is in currently in the process of getting five teeth. Two of his top molars have already come all the way through and now his bottom two molars, and the other front bottom tooth, are coming in. His mouth is all swollen and looks terribly painful. He is taking a lot of Tylenol and Motrin and spending lot of time biting his little hands. He gets his teeth brushed at the same time as brother every night and does great opening up and saying "aahh" on command. Very cute stuff. All his teeth have led to some biting of big brother, all of which were done in self defense, but still not good. Hope he doesn't bit kids at school. We haven't heard anything, but as I recall from working at a daycare they have to be a repeat offender before they tell you. 

Rowan has  started to try to talk this month. He can say ball, that, kind of 'done', more, and makes the same noise every time I give him something, that I take to be thank you. He says bubba when he sees Zane in the morning and has started trying to sing along with Zane and I when we are singing. In the past week he has started to dance and sway to music as well, which is so amazingly adorable. He will sway back and forth in his high chair and has mastered the baby bouncing dance. My favorite was when Zach was playing Here Comes the King Budweiser song (in honor of baseball season starting) and Rowan was bouncing and squealing with glee!! He claps and sings in the backseat with Zane was well, which makes car rides a lot more fun. 


Ro is learning news things everyday and can do some much more on his own. He follows little commands like "go get your milk" or "go to bath time" or "go outside." He can nods and bouncing with excitement when I ask him if he wants to eat as well. He has started playing by himself this month, with actual toys, which is cute to watch, and a new development step for sure. He spends lots of time playing with balls, his ball machines, climbing on his slide, playing with blocks, and all his little people animals/vehicles. Zane and Rowan continue to work on playing together nicely. So far Zane playing catch with Rowan seems to be what works best or maybe Zane giving Rowan car rides in the backyard. Ro has learned a few very little things too such as where his nose, teeth, and ears are. He has answered all those questions correctly separately, but does get confused a lot. He can play peek-a-boo with you, but did figure out that daddy was just under the blanket the other day and hadn't completely disappeared. He gives kisses and hugs when he feels like it, but usually isn't too affectionate. 

We're still feeling out his personality, but from what I can gather so far he seems very laid back, until he isn't, then he has quite the temper on him and becomes highly impatient.  He doesn't seem to need to be constantly running like his brother, sometimes he can be found sitting playing with a toy, or chilling on the couch, things completely unheard of for his brother, at that age and to this day. Now that he is feeling better he is doing pretty well at sleeping, while his big brother still gets up at least once a night. Ro loves his naps and recently has started going into his room when he is tired. Yesterday I found him laying on his bedroom floor, playing with his shoe, around two o'clock. I had lost him, which happens frequently throughout the day, so who knows how long he had been laying there. Probably would have fallen asleep soon, had I not found him. Sweet baby! 
He is doing better in daycare, less crying, and I think sleeping better there as well. He struggles to stay awake until I get home, but when I walk in the door he toddle runs himself over to me, with his little arms outreached, "mamma, mamma." The best thing ever. He promptly has to go to sleep, but such is life.
I love my little man and can't believe how big he is getting. It kind of breaks my heart, but such is life.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This Weeks Top Ten

I worked Monday and Tuesday so didn't have the energy to do a ten on Tuesday last night. But here are our top ten for the week.

1. Friday we finally made it back to the OKC Zoo, this time with Grandma and some beautiful weather. We rode the train and the carousel and tried hard to get Zane to be excited about our new Zoo, but he seemed to spend a lot of time asking about "our zoo" meaning the STL zoo. I don't know what to tell him, but did find myself missing it a lot as well. But we are now officially friends of the OKC zoo so we will power on. There are lot of playgrounds at the OKC zoo, though possibly less animals.

I easily have a dozen pictures of Zane and I on random trains, love them.
 Did I fail to mention that Zane wore his conductor hat the entire day. It was a big hit!!
 Here is Ro baby, waiting on the Centennial Choo Choo!
2. The highlight of the trip for me were the Lorikeets in the Children's Zoo. We got to walk through and feed them terribly expensive nectar, try to pet them, and Zane tried hard to get one of them to stand on his hand, with no luck. But they were really cute and very noise. Here is Rowan petting the birdies.

3. In other good news the boa constrictor was slithering around in his cage and completely freaked Zane out, "mom we gotta find a way out of here." So maybe we won't have to visit the Snake house every visit now. Rowan and Grandma made the wise decision to sit out the snake house and eat animal crackers on the bench instead.

4. Saturday we finally made it out to see Brendan's Dragonflies play some seven year old soccer. There were lots of people there to cheer him on and lots of kids to play soccer with on the sidelines. For the first half of the game Brendan was the only boy, which was entertaining. The Dragonflies suffered a tough loss, but played hard. It was lots of fun, even with the crazy wind that made my allergies kill me later in the day. Well worth it! I love the Dragonflies!!!

 Here is the star player with his little cousin. So sweet! Yes, the entire Korenak family dressed in Dragonfly Green!

 There was lots of soccer action on the sidelines with the little kids as well. Even baby Ro, in his adorable Cardinals hat, got in on the action!!!
 These two crack me up.

5. Saturday evening Zach and I got to go on a date night, courtesy of Uncle Able and Aunt Kari's babysitting service. We had a lovely dinner at Iron Star BBQ then saw American Hustle, for four dollars, at at a tiny movie theater. It actually was a really good movie that I would have paid full price for, but you can't beat a two dollar movie. Many thanks to Able and Kari for hanging with our boys so we could have a much needed date night!!!

6. This week marked opening day for major league baseball and Monday was the Cards home opener. So of course we spent all week singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame at our house. Sunday I finally gave in and bought Zane some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks, since my description of Cracker Jacks really wasn't doing it justice. Of course Zane loved it and kept saying "it just like candy popcorn" which had been my description of it all week, but I guess you have to taste it to understand. 

Here is Zane proudly displaying his big bag of Cracker Jacks!!

7. Zach spent most of the weekend working on our taxes. This drives Zach crazy and having two states and the Federal taxes to do it takes a long time. We went from some crazy huge tax return to owing like $200 to MO, then ended a whopping $60 ahead after Oklahoma's. The upside was that Rowan fell in love with daddy's beloved calculator. He has been walking around with it all week. He looks like a little old man crunching numbers.

8. Zane's current love is the Muppets. We saw the preview for the new Muppet's Movie when we saw Mr. Peabody. I told him I watched it as a kid so then he really wanted to see it. We watched the first Muppet Movie and he is now obsessed with the Rainbow Song and Kermit, who he refers to as Kermit The Frog Here. So funny!!!! Imagine his delight when he found this little Kermit in Walgreens. I couldn't pass it up. He has cuddled it every night since and has almost perfected his Kermit voice.

9. That's all the fun news, the other news is that we still are making two house payments and two sets of bills a month and it's terribly stressful. I am making lots of money, doing nothing, but it all is disappearing into a house we don't live in. We don't know what to do about it and could use lots of prayers, advice, or I possibly donations (kidding) :) Needless to say the stress level here is high. This weekend is my first weekend shift since going back to work and really dreading missing all the family fun we have been having on weekends.

10. This afternoon Rowan woke up from his second nap burning up. A legitimate fever out of no where. I'm still not sure what is happening. I'm hoping that it's due to his getting five teeth at the same time and not yet another ear infection. The green snot pouring from his nose has decreased, so I'm puzzled by it. So instead of the doing the numerous things on my goals list for this afternoon I snuggled a burning up baby and watched Dumbo. I know Ro doesn't feel good when he will actually lay his head on my shoulder while awake. I'm hoping tomorrow he feels better so we can go up to Grandma's for a quick farm day! Fingers crossed!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Miracle of Miracles

As most of you know my little Rowan isn't a cuddlier. He is pretty fond of sleep, but can do without the singing, rocking, cuddling time before hand. At night time and nap time, as soon as I sit down in the rocking chair to try to cuddle him, he points to his bed "Ah dat" loosely translated as "I want that." So I get a few pats and kisses on his sweet head on the way to his crib. He then cuddles his blanket and goes to sleep like a huge big boy, all by himself, no problem. This isn't the case if he wakes up during the night, he fights going back to sleep hard, but still doesn't want to be cuddled. So think long stretches of screaming in his crib, torturous for all, but again he does not want to be cuddled.

This evening, do to some confusion about what time we got home from the spice shop and how long it would take to cook the pork tenderloin, dinner was ready by four thirty. This is a solid hour to an hour an a half before we usually would eat. So the evening felt extremely long and both boys were confused about why they weren't having to go to sleep sooner. Rowan had missed his afternoon nap time, this happens and he does fine with it, but was extremely sleepy, stumbling in circles, by six. We powered through with extra long bath time, lots of books and puzzles, and kept Rowan up until seven thirty. We went to do bedtime routine as described above but he immediately was screaming bloody murder so I let him out to play until real bedtime.

I think the actual issue of the evening was that he had gotten over tired because after I showered and had gotten Zane to bed I still heard whimpering coming from his room. I took milk in there, hoping and praying that he would just let me cuddle him. Miracle of miracles, after a new diaper, a dose of ibuprofen, and only a small battle he let me sing to him. It was so wonderful. I sat very still, letting his little head rest on my shoulder, wrapping him in his beloved blanket. I laid my  head on his soft baby hair, soaking up the smell of my little boy, trying to remember it forever. I felt his little toes wiggling on my elbows, and his little hands occasionally patting my shoulder. I patted his chubby baby legs and his tiny bottom as I sang every song in my lullaby arsenal. He sat up a few times and looked at me with sleepy eyes and a tired smile, then laid his head back down on my shoulder.

The time that kids are baby babies, who are willing to lay their head on your shoulder, and let you sing them to sleep is my favorite time. For Zane this time lasted until Rowan was born, shoot he would probably still let me cradle him like a baby and sing him songs if I'd let him. But for Rowan he only would cuddle as a means to get his night time bottle, even that he wasn't a huge fan of, but realized it was a necessity. I wasn't prepared for the singing and the cuddling to be over at a year. I thought I had a solid two and half years of little boy cuddles, with his little blonde head sleeping on my shoulder. So I did not take this night for granted. I count it as a huge blessing. I know full well that it might not come again and it breaks my heart. I wish I could freeze time for just a moment, keep my boys just as they are, just this age. I know that isn't a possibility so I try to capture moments like this, take a mental video to of it that can be played back when they are grown. And I will kept hoping, and praying, for nights like this to come around soon. Sweet dreams baby boy!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. As I sat down to write this I had that terrible moment when I realize my work schedule for the week is different than what I thought I had been thinking it was in my head. I thought I worked yesterday, Thursday and Friday. I really work tomorrow and Thursday. Not a big deal to me really, but my oldest son is obsessed with when he has to go to school. So for the past few days I have told him the wrong schedule. Breaking the news to him after nap was very depressing and we both ended in tears. I hate how much he talks about it and stresses out about it and I don't really know how to make it better.

2. Anyway, what I was really going to post about was our fun weekend. Saturday we went to the farm to help mom with her garden project. We missed all the work the weekend before so thought we should do our part. The boys loved digging in the dirt and exploring all the fun farm things. It was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time.

 Little Rowan looking at the goldfish. Surprisingly Zane was the one that ended up in the pond, not Rowan.

3. Of course there were tractors and tricycles to be ridden too. Zane has mastered riding a tricycle and probably could use a real bike of his own. Rowan has just discovered the joy of sitting on the toy tractor and pretending to drive. Both equally adorable.

 Love Rowan trying to reach down to shift, so funny with his fat belly.
 I tried to get Zane to take Rowan for a ride, but he wasn't hearing none of that. Doesn't he look like such a big boy in these pictures? I can hardly stand it.

4. My Grandpa Dotter came over for the day as well. I'm so glad I'm getting to spend more time with him now that I'm back in Oklahoma. Zane and Rowan are both great with him, neither one cries or gets bashful when he comes over. Both of them gave him big hugs and Zane calls him Gran Papa which I think is adorable. I think Grandpa enjoys being around them as well. I got this very touching picture of Little Rowan, one year into life, looking out on the world. Standing beside him his Great Grandpa, almost ninety years into life. So touching.

I love this picture too. It's crazy to think had Grandpa or my mom not been here little Rowan would never have come to be. Well, I wouldn't have either for that matter. So cute!

5. As much as I love spending time with my Grandpa it always leads to Zane being highly confused about where my Dad is. His dad was there and Grandma's Dad was there, "but where your dad is Mamma?" It's confusing to me so I can only imagine trying to wrap a three year old brain around it. Such is life kiddo!

6. On Saturday night there were eleven earthquakes, ranging between 2.3 and 4.3 magnitude, around where mom lives. This mean being woken up, multiple times by the medal bed we were sleeping on squeaking from the earth shaking. I kept waking up thinking "surely that isn't another earthquake" but apparently it was. I'm sure the earthquakes have nothing to do with all oil wells being drilled around there?!?!? 

7. Sunday we came back to the city and had a lovely family day together. I finally gave in and took Zane to pick out some summer clothes. We got all his request, dinosaurs, sharks, spaceman, robot and the added bonus of Ninja Turtles. I gave him the choice of one licensed character shirt and he went with Ninja Turtles, much to his father's delight. Both boys got summer shoes and Zach got all sort of dress shirts on clearance. I got to sit on the floor of public bathroom cleaning poop off my three year old, somehow the shopping trip didn't seem as fun to me, but glad everyone else is ready for summer. They put on their shorts and tested them out at the park after our shopping trip, lots of fun!

Here is Zane, very seriously showing off his new outfit and clothes. It cracks me up how every season it's the same five things, but he loves it!

 8. Little Rowan has a huge box of summer clothes waiting for him. The shorts are huge on him, but are going to have to work. If he wears them over the gut they fit great, but usually slide down to be more of capri's. He is getting bigger quickly, so hopefully he will grow into them. He can't stop eating so I think it should be fine.
9. We all rocked our Cardinals shirts on Sunday in preparation for yesterday's opening day. The Cardinals won, obviously. It was strange that no one here cared it was opening day for MLB. This is a huge deal in St. Louis. Not as big as the home opening which is next Monday, but still. I started to wear my Cardinals shirt to work but decided that probably was acceptable here. I miss being part of it and it will be strange to not have Cardinals games as the background of our Spring and Summer (well usually fall too!)

10. Today we finally made it back over to Aunt Abbey's for an afternoon play date. Somehow, with all of us being sick for the past month, I hadn't gotten to play with them in quite awhile. I think the kids had fun, even though it was a bit chiller than it had been the past few days. My favorite part was watching Maggie play so wonderfully with little Rowan. She might have been playing fetch with him, but still sweet. I feel bad for Miss M being the only girl, but she handles it pretty well for the most part. Love my little niece!