Tuesday, March 24, 2015

First T-Ball Game

Yesterday was the big day, Zane's first T-ball game. Zane had been excited about this for days. There of course had been a count down and lots of preparation for this moment. The first thing Zane said to me in the morning was "Mom I have to brush my teeth tonight before my game so my mouth looks good." Definitely a good idea when you're trying to make new friends, awesome. We spent the morning on a great red sock hunt, trying to find tall, red socks, that weren't huge, for him to wear with his uniform. He spent a lot of time playing with his new red belt and asking me how long until his game started. He did tell me he was kind of nervous, but that he was sure he would have fun. I love his little attitude, never scared of new situations.

 Evening crept up on us quickly and before we knew it daddy was home and it was five thirty. We were supposed to be there early to get our shirts and get situated for the first game. The drive across Edmond took forever and the nerves were mounting. We got there just in time to get his t-shirt, which had his last name spelled wrong on the back (Korenaki) on and then it was time to take the field. I could see fear in his eyes as he stayed close to Zach, but quickly mounted his courage and was second up to bat. Rowan was devastated and confused as to why he couldn't be with his brother and dad. And thus began the saga of the second child.


 So pathetic, "bobo...dada...bobo??"

Zane had a great hit, ran to first base, so proud of himself, only to be highly confused when they sent him back to the dugout. Let's just say the other team was older and probably had practiced more than we had. We were highly out matched, but a great time was had by all. When the Little Rascals took the field for defense Zane was assigned the pitcher spot, which in t-ball just means you are front and center for the game. Zane waved to the crowd and was ecstatic to see that Uncle Able and Aunt Kari were back from their travels and sitting in the front row cheering him on. He did a great job, throwing it to first a few times, but mainly just participating in the mass pile ups on the baseball. All classic four year old t-ball stuff. I personally thought the forty minute game went on about 20 minutes too long. But all things considered Zane did amazingly well. Half way through he took a potty break, and during the long walk to the restrooms said, "Mom I still don't know any of the rules, like what am I supposed to do?" So yeah, we have a ways to go, and might actually want to practice sometime.

 No he didn't really catch this ball, but he came close, and made some great plays! Yes he did rock his Ninja Turtle sunglasses the whole time!!

After the game Zane was met hugs from his huge cheering section. Thanks to Richards clan for coming out to the ball field early to cheer on our little man, Zane loved that you were all there. Of course Grandma was there for all of the fun as well, quite the family affair! Zane was particularly over the moon to see his best friend Uncle Able who had brought him his very own fez from Istanbul. Rowan had worn his fez the entire game, beyond adorable, many thanks Blakley's for their new favorite accessories. The cheering squad then moved down a few fields and watched Brendan take the field for the Blue Falcons, also second up to bat. The Blakley grandkids are all stars for sure.

 I love this picture of the boys, they look like they could be related. I think it is the ears!

The best part of the story didn't happen until today. I went to work, on a Tuesday, which I never do, but have a class on Thursday so had to switch it up. I get there and am greeted with "Oh Audra, there is a heart kid on the floor. We gave him to you because we know you have a heart kid, it'll be great." My heart sinks. I do have my very own heart kid, hence I don't want to take care of them at work. But, I know it is always comforting to the parents and it's really fine. So the day goes on and it is becoming more and more apparent that this was a God thing and this mother needed to vent and I was just the heart mom to hear it. I did not really have the time for this, but I made it work. At one point I was talking to the doctor (not a cardiologist), both of use were frustrated, and I said something like "I mean I get it, I have a TET baby." To which the doctor asked the normal question, "how old his your TET baby." And I got to say the words that so many heart mom's don't get to say, "My TET baby is four.  He is doing amazing and played his first t-ball game last night." And then I found myself tearing up.

Not once yesterday did the thought of Zane having TET come up. Well except when he met a lady at the allergy clinic who had a stripe and showed her his, but that's an everyday thing. But not once did I think, "Oh my gosh, look how far we have come. He is healthy enough to play t-ball", something that wasn't always a guarantee. When I said it to the doctor, in that moment the weight of it hit me and I cried because we really have come so far, but I also cried for the amazing blessing of having such a fun event/day not be clouded with thoughts of his heart condition. It never crossed my mind and I know for sooo sooo many people, the thought of their kids playing tball is just a dream. And if they get there they will have to be worried about them the whole time. But by the grace of God go I and my little heart warrior, number 16 for the Little Rascals!!!

Obviously always an STL boy at heart!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1. Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. Sadly today I woke up with a headache and the beginnings of a cold. I had zero energy so we didn't do much in the way of celebrating. However, this weekend we got lots of St. Patty's Day decorations so Zach could decorate his office for Engineering week. From what I hear this week includes lot of pranks on the architects and proves again how much more fun is had at Zach works than mine.

Zane takes his St. Patrick's Day outfit very seriously.

 I might have gotten a few new Easter friends while we were getting St. Patrick decorations. They are placed extremely high, out of the reach of little hands. 

3. Friday we decided to go to the farm for a spring day of fun. The weather didn't get as warm as I had expected but we still had a great time. I really meant to do a whole post on it but then life happened so I'll share the cute pics today. The biggest event was Rowan's first real run on the hay bales. This is a time honored tradition at the Blakley farm and he is just now old enough to actually be able to walk/run up and down the bales. He still needed some assistance with jumping, but held his own. He had a great time and tried to keep up with his running and leaping big brother, who mastered the hay bales years ago. These bales were thankfully all touching each other so we could let Rowan walk around by himself without fear of him falling to his death.

I love this picture of my boys on a cloudy day at the farm. That huge Oklahoma sky is my favorite and the most beautiful from that exact spot.

4. After hay bale running we headed to the creek for a walk in nature and eventually decided it was time to start work on a new 'little house' since last years had fallen in. Rowan was less than excited about our extended stay in the wilderness and needed lost of cuddles. Zane really wanted to sit there until we saw a deer, but sadly we could still be there, so had to eventually head home. 

5. There was lots of work to be done in Grandma's garden as well. We planted broccoli, chard, onions, and some herbs. The boys were as helpful as they ever are with planting, but did get in there and get their hands dirty. Of course watering the plants is always the best part!

Grow baby grow!
 Rowan took giving the plants pats to a whole new level with his fully body press, so cute!

6. Rowan really wanted to be able to ride a tricycle by himself, but was unsuccessful. I hear he went over the handle bars at one point while I was inside. Bobo tried to give him a ride, but it just isn't the same. 

There are lots of pictures of Able and I just like this from when we were little. 

7. The spring weather has been a welcome change around here and it has meant afternoon backyard play dates with cousins. When five kids, eight and younger, get together there are a lot of emotions but they usually play well together. This week's play date just happened to fall on Pi Day so we had pie and pizza for dinner. My favorite part was watching the two little boys play wonderfully together. By play I mean sit by the little lawn mower and have two year old conversations. 

9. Yesterday Abbey and I had the sad job welcoming a new member to the young adults with only one parent club. Our dear friend Grant's father pasted away last week and since Able was gallivanting around Rome we stood proxy for him all day. My heart hurts for Grant, knowing the difficult journey that lies ahead of him. We gave him hugs and encouragement, but it just isn't a club anyone wants to be a part of. 

 Able kept sending beautiful pictures of him in front of famous, gorgeous buildings, so we sent our own selfie to him straight from Enid America!!
10. It was a rough day all around, filled will all sorts of sadness, but I ended with a much needed girls night with my bestie Anna, and a new friend, going to see Cinderella. Thank God I'm surrounded by so many wonderful people!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Boy Mom Problems

On most days I relish being the only girl in our house. I love my mamma's boys, who as of right now, shower me with hugs and kisses all day. I don't mind being surrounded by super hero capes, trucks, tools, and swords. I have become a pro at pretending to be a knight in shining armor, a Ninja Turtle, or a pirate. These are the things that have filled my daily life for nearly five years and I'd say 99% of the time I love it.
This past Saturday was the one percent of the time where really wished there was another girl around. I'm not sure what pushed me over the edge. A whole combination of things really. It started with each of my boys entering a new phase a development over the past few weeks. Zane turned the corner from preschooler to I guess school age boy, just generally older boy. While Rowan entered the defiant, I'm going to scream no, and not do anything you say phase of two. Both subtle, small changes, but changes none the less.

Zane's new phase has come with a new attitude that sadly includes arguing with me over everything. A new, false belief, that he doesn't always have to do what I tell him to if he "doesn't want to." Along with the attitude changes he has also just started to act more like a school age boy vs a preschool boy. This is a hard change to explain, but think fart jokes, potty talk, smelling arm pits, burping, and wanting to be punching or fighting everything, real and imagined, at all times. This new phase became strikingly clear to me when I woke up the other day with a shirtless, tall, lanky boy poking my back.

Rowan's new phase is more of the same two year old drama, just with more words and attitude to go along with it. Lots of jumping up and down, screaming no, and irrational conversations with a tiny little boy. Multiple times a day he can be found in a pile on the floor screaming, crying about anything from wanting a fiber 1 bar (this fit went on for nearly an hour the other day) to not wanting to pick up his shoes, and every possible thing in between. All of this phase is made worse by the fact that either Rowan doesn't understand the punishments we are trying to enforce or he truly doesn't care, so we're at a loss currently at how to deal with it.

 Obviously the build up had started days before but by Saturday morning I had just about had my fill of boys fighting, farting, burping, climbing on me, and trying to fight me. Then add Zach, who just happens to be a boy, into the mix and I had been taken over. Our morning was spent with two very messy eaters at breakfast. Then I got to spend large amounts of money on super hero shirts, all of which took less than ten minutes to pick out and fit them perfectly. When I started to mope about this fact, Zach so lovingly told me I could have gotten new shirts. Of course not factoring in that it would take me a solid hour in Old Navy to find one shirt that might, possibly, kind of fit.
Talks of baseball practices, sword fighting, wrestling, and little boys sitting on the potty, with no peeing just playing (if you know what I mean) filled the rest of my day. There were time outs for hitting people, tears, breakdowns, and then my day come to a close with a bath tub full of little boys at my sisters house. 

 At one point I told Zane that I was going on vacation, with only girls, no boys allowed. Obviously this was a blatant lie, but of course my tender hearted Zane started to cry. Making me realize how truly loved I am by these, soon to be very stinky, boys. However, there are days that I could go for mani/pedis, shopping that takes a little longer, a few more beautiful things, and a little less fighting. However, in the end I know that I truly love the craziness because even on Saturday, after about five minutes into my maybe thirty five minute run, I already missed their sweet, all boy, faces. And I always try to keep in mind that one day soon all the action figures will be gone, the costumes put away, and my house will become very quite. I will beg for hugs and kisses, thinking back, wishing for one more crazy noisy day with my two little boys!! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1. I am back to trying to train for this blessed race. My first run back was in Abbey's neighborhood and it went well. My hip feels much better for about a mile then not so much. I have enjoyed my two outdoor runs this past week. I think I was in desperate need of vitamin D, even if the running was very slow going and still slightly painful. So today I went swimming, which was more fun, but almost died.

2. I finally gave in and bought Rowan longer pants this weekend. The pants he had handed down to him from Everett were long enough but still way to wide for Rowan's tiny waist. In good news when you go to buy pants in March they are marked down to three dollars a pair, which was a pleasant surprise at Kohls. He now is in 24 month pants that are slightly baggy, so strange.

 Check out Ro's crazy baggy pants!

3. On that same note Rowan had his two year doctor's appointment on Friday where we found out he is in the 30th percentile for weight and 66th for height. He is doing all the things two year olds should be doing and got one shot that didn't even phase him. He is getting bigger and talking up a storm, definitely 100% two years old.

 Rowan was pretty scared the whole time, but no tears!
 I love taking Rowan to the doctor because he is really cuddly the whole time. I can't get enough snuggles from this tiny boy!
 Of course we had to celebrate with some fun cookies afterwards!

4. After weeks of trying to earn the privilege of Big Hero 6, by not throwing huge irrational fits, Zane finally reached his goal yesterday and he was rewarded with his new favorite movie. As luck would have it we met Aunt Abbey at Target and spontaneously planned a movie night at our house so everyone could join in the fun. The Richard's had never seen it so it worked out nicely. There was popcorn, pjs, dancing, and lots of fun! No pictures somehow though, which is unfortunate.

5.Marty and Mary have been MIA for a few days and Rowan has been devastated. Today we finally got more bird seed. Rowan was so excited and helped me fill all the feeders. Here's hoping Marty and Mary get back soon.
 6. Today it was finally nice enough to spend the afternoon at the park. Zane found some boys his age to play with, which left little Ro lost again, continually with his eye on his Bobo! Rowan also mastered the huge slides at the Pirate park, all by himself.

 Zane also finally got to use his new parachute guy! 

7. Today we had another fun outing with Maggie and Grandma, this time at the Bounce N Craze. It was nap time when we got there, so things went as well as one could hope.
 Rowan mastering the climbing wall!

 These two played a lot of air hockey. Good times!!
 Oh and we might have eaten at Cow Calf Hay two days in a row, it's a good life!

8. Zach is currently in the middle of a very busy time at his work. This means that sometimes he has to bring some work home. This can lead to stamping fun on daddy's print outs. Yes, this was an extra page and thought it was a great glimpse at our life currently.
 9. We finally got our Roar-N-Run medals last week. They are hanging proudly by pictures of my sweet heart hero.
 I found the folder from Zane's first cardiologist appointment again this week. It has the diagram that showed all of Zane's different congenital heart defects. It also had the little piece of gortex, like the one used to patch his VSD. Zane looked at it for a long time and then joined me in a rousing version of "There is a Little Piece of Gortex in my Heart," a fan favorite in our house!!

10. Today our surprise Easter hats from Grandma arrived. Zane put his on and immediately started channeling Uncle Able, "Looking good ladies," complete with a wind and a gun. Seriously, I took about five pictures of him in this hat, all mid wink and gun! Rowan didn't leave his on very long, but trust me it was adorable. Thanks Grandma!!!

 Very cute without the hat as well.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Play Ball

Zane has grown up watching baseball since he was a little tiny peanut. We told Zach's parent's we were pregnant by sending them an Albert Pujols shirt. There was a Cardinals game on TV in the delivery room for heaven's sake. He sings take me out to the ball game with the line 'root root root for the Cardinals.' Go Cardinals was one of his earliest phrases. So it's easy to say he is quite the baseball fan and started asking to play tball last summer. We decided to give it another year in hopes that his attention span might increase slightly in a year.

 Zane celebrating the Cardinals World Series win in 2011!!!

Zane loving his first T that he got for his third birthday!

 Of course Zane has an amazing memory and has been asking when baseball will start since we told him he was going to have to wait until spring time. We signed him up in Jan. for spring t-ball. We have taken two exciting trips to the sporting good store and I think we are finally completely outfitted for t-ball. Zane has been practicing religiously in the backyard, working on batting, catching, fielding ground balls, all the things a good baseball player needs to know. He has mastered the art of loading up all his equipment into his new baseball bag which is an very important skill to have as well. Anytime Daddy isn't home, and he has to put up with my less than stellar baseball skills, he makes sure to show me which hand is my glove hand and which one is my ball hand. He talks me through the batting process, "ok mom, bend your legs, keep your eyes on the ball, bat up, elbow up, and swing." He, of his own accord, developed a high kick/step with his hitting process, not unlike Albert Pujols of yesteryear. Zane's a great batter, but like all four year old baseball players could use some work on catching. But we are getting there.

 Zane, being the son of a neuro nurse, has grown up with an intense fear of head injuries, hence loves his new helmet. I have suggested he wear it all the time, probably a great idea.
Yes, he has little miniature cleats. Something about seeing him lase up the cleats made him seem so grown up. Right up until the part where he couldn't actually tie them, then he seemed completely four!

A few weeks ago we found out that Zane's first baseball team was going to be called the Little Rascals, perfect if you ask me. We asked him what number he wanted and his exact response was, "maybe 500, or 16." So we went with 16, that's as good as any number I guess. Their colors are throw back Cardinal blue (which they are calling N.C. blue, but we all know it's Cardinal road game blue circa the 80s) and red which is also perfect. Since found out he was going to be a Little Rascal we of course had to watch the movie. Zane loved it, but was confused as to why the kids weren't playing t-ball in it.

After all of this build up, lots of waiting, and preparation yesterday was Zane's first official practice. We met everyone at a park in a near by housing addition. It was a great set up with a small little playground for the younger siblings to play on. I took Rowan to the park while Zane went to practice. I watched most of the practice from a distance and my take away was that Zane is easily the tallest player by a couple inches and I'm guessing one of the oldest. A few times I looked up and he was running off to I don't know where. I have since heard that he had run straight past first base, which will happen when first base is being marked by someone's mom sitting on the ground. Zach was assistant coaching and loving every  minute of it. Zach's response upon getting into the car after practice was that he was not concerned about Zane's ADD at all, so I'm taking that a good sign. He waited his turn, listened, and I from all accounts had a great time as well.

 Everything loaded up in his baseball bag, ready to go! He's so big in these pictures.

Rowan meanwhile was lost without his big brother, wondering around the playground confused about what to do next. He kept pointing over to where Zane and Zach where, "my dadda, bobo, right there." It was kind of sad, I knew he really wanted to be part of the fun, but that's how it goes when you're the little brother. Rowan does have his own little glove and has started batting off Zane's old T when Zane is practicing at home. It's all very adorable and all very boy, as are all things at my house these days. Why do I feel like I have years of baseball practice in front of me. We marked our helmet and bat with Korenak so we are set for a few more years!

Little Ro practicing, rocking his new GW shirt, thanks Aunt Abbey!