Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. I left work sick for only the second time, in almost six years of nursing, on Saturday. The first time I thought I was in labor. This time I had a fever, chills, and couldn't remain standing. Turns out somehow Zach and I had gotten strep throat. So we both spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday laying around trying to somehow keep our boys alive. We are now on day three of antibiotics and are feeling much better.

 Both boys played nurse, here is little Rowan checking up on me.

2. I did finally cave and take Rowan to the doctor yesterday. His cough was getting worse and he couldn't sleep laying down. It wasn't strep, just and ear infection. He doesn't seem to feel that bad, he definitely isn't having any trouble keeping up with his brother. He is still having lots of trouble with sleeping though, but we all know that isn't anything new at our house. Zach and I admit that we are huge failures at getting kids to sleep through the night. We're over it.... and exhausted.

This little boy also had quite a few head bonks this week as well. Eighteen months is a hard age!
 But then sometimes he looked like this! Love his little face. I think he vaguely looks like my nephew Everett in this picture, maybe??

3. The boys are officially into the Halloween spirit. We got down the old bag of costumes and since then there has been lots of dress up fun. Most of these costumes are too small for Zane, but it looks like Rowan has quite a few options for Halloween. Zach also bought Zane a little skeleton to start the decorating of his room. Zane loves it!!!

 How cute is this little clown!!!

4. Last week I finally got to see Brendan play baseball. It was so much fun and the evening we went to watch the Falcons had a banner night. I think Zane will really want to play baseball come spring.

While we were there Rowan faced his biggest fear, dogs. He pet this cute little puppy, that's progress.

5. This week there was the first fall cold front came through which started the search for fall/winter clothes. I seriously feel like I just got their summer clothes out. Once again it's been a struggle to find pants little enough for little Ro baby. After digging through a few different boxes I think I have managed to round up a few pair that should work. In one of the boxes Rowan found these adorable rain boots that are almost his size. He loves them! Side note Rowan does NOT love pants. He has quickly learned to how to take them off and refuses to wear any when we are at home.

6. Rowan's fascination with shoes continues and he is learning how to put his new, Nike kicks, on. He also is fascinated with socks, everyone's socks, he can put those on as well, but hasn't really been able to combine the two just yet. He is getting too big way too quickly.

 Here is little Ro putting big brother's socks on his hands and feet.
 And here are his new highlight colored shoes. He loves them!! This is obviously before the said cold front.

7. Today I think I have finally purchased the last of the things needed to spiff up our family for the big upcoming wedding. Turns out it takes a lot to pull us together. The boys matching outfits are all pulled together, I have wedding heels (that I am not sure I can commit to), sparkly party flats, and as an added bonus the boys both got new fall jackets on our mall adventure today. I caved and got Zane this Ninja Turtle's jacket. He was just so ecstatic when he found it in the store, I couldn't say no, yes he is spoiled, dang it!!! Rowan got a dinosaur jacket that is a cute matching green color. Yes, big brother picked that one out as well.

There is a mask that comes down over his yes from that hood and it zips up over his mouth so he has a turtle mouth. Maye he can just wear this for Halloween??

8. This morning I did my part to help out with the Richard's kids week without their mom. We had a good morning, though Brendan still can't understand why Zane doesn't know how to play video games. He has had no desire to really learn how to play, so we just don't play them, in turn he is terrible at Mario Kart, in turn infuriating Brendan who has been amazing at that game since he was three. We all have our gifts! Once Brendan headed to school Maggie and Zane did bond over the Wii dance game and I got to do Miss M's hair. I am admittedly horrible at doing little girl hair, since I am firmly a boy mom at this point, but she requested a "crazy Aunt Audra pony tail bun." I think it turned out pretty good! And I took the crazy to be referring to the bun not her Aunt Audra, right??

I got everyone off to school safe and sound. Little Everett was such a trooper, no tears for me all morning. Love him!!
Maggie's hair is getting very long, making for a wonderful crazy, bun, pony tail!!!

9. Today I randomly decided to start trying to pull this house together a little bit more. I think this was partly due to the fact that I'm feeling much better and secondly because Zane decided he wanted to be a "beary worker" today. When Zane decided that he wants to clean, help unpack, organize, cook, really whatever, he does an amazing job almost to a fault. When I was pretty much over cleaning/organizing Zane decided we should clean his outside toys, and his room, and my bathroom. I went with it and got lots done. When he isn't in a helping state of mind things don't go as easy. 

10. In this same vein today I came one step closer to realizing my dream of my child being old enough to independently do the dishes. Zane can already take out the trash, and does without being asked, which is huge. But I hate, and I do mean hate, doing dishes so I can't wait until the day that Zane can be in charge of this task. He does well washing them in the sink, but today we had a tutorial on loading and unloading the dishwasher. Today, in his super helper, beary worker state, he loved it and it did great. We will see what tomorrow brings. I am hole heartily committed to raising boys who grow up to cook and clean just as well as they can build and fix things!!!! 

 Zane did the clean up dishes in the sink while I finished cooking. Zane made all the balls for our meatballs this evening. He is becoming quite the little chef.
Whatever Zane can do Rowan believes he can do as well, so he also got a dishwasher tutorial which ended up with him walking around with a knife briefly. Probably too soon for that little guy. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Rowan had his 18 month appointment this week and remains a little peanut. I think he weighed in at 24 and a half pounds. He is kicking along at 40th percentile in everything. He randomly had terrible stranger anxiety at the appointment, which I've never really seen him have before. He did insist on bringing his Cardinals hat which acted as his shield between him and the doctor and the nurse. It worked well and I'm pretty sure he never made eye contact with anyone. He did get a shot and handled it like a trooper. Ro is one hundred percent an 18 month old with random fits of screaming about things he desperately wants or wants to do, but can't because they are windly irrational. Such as going outside, with his blanket, in his diaper, at 8pm. Not happening, but it was the end of Rowan's world.
 Me and my little Cardinal boy!!
2. Speaking of outside, I had bought a new umbrella when we moved into this house because there are zero trees in our yard which means zero shade. Well the lovely Oklahoma wind blew the umbrella (which was in aweighted stand) and our glass top table completely over, breaking both. Yes there are shards of glass all over our backyard just in time for the weather to cool off. Somehow Zane managed to fall down while taking the trash out and scratched up his leg. We have yet to figure out the best way to clean up this mess, but I'm thinking we might have to dig up large portions of grass. Fantastic!!! I can't win for loosing.
3. Rowan and Zane seem to being having lots of fun together this week. At one point I was distracted for a few minutes and found Zane having a grand time giving Rowan shopping cart rides. They also spend lots of time chasing each other, falling face first on to the couch, and yelling at the top of their lungs. I love to see them actually starting to play together, with it ending in tears, bites, or fights possibly a little bit less. 
 This was Rowan later in the day, in a tiny wagon that he found at Aunt Abbey's.
4. One day this week Rowan randomly woke up before Zane at nap time. This never happens and usually means Rowan's afternoon is going to be a disaster (that was true on this occasion). But before things went down hill he is initially super stoked for some one on one mommy time with me. This particular day he decided he wanted to try on brother's underwear, all of his underwear, at once. He couldn't figure out why he couldn't walk around with them all on, very disappointing, but oh so cute!!

That's right people, he has Ninja Turtles and Minions

5. This year Maggie is getting to stay home an extra year before starting kindergarten, which I highly support since I myself was a 6 year old kindergartener. This means that some days Maggie gets to go do fun things with Zane and I during the day. This week, on Thursday morning, Grandma happened to be in town so we took all the littles out to the park and lunch together. It was lots of fun, complete with Rowan and Everett starting to figure out how to play with each other and not try to kill each other. They were stinking cute. Everett was climbing all over the playground with Rowan following close behind.
 Yes, Rowan brought his duck whistle with him, which made him easier to locate so I was ok with it.
 I know this was about Maggie getting to hang out with us, but somehow I have no pictures of Maggie and Zane, just Rowan and Everett, who are equally adorable.
6. This past weeks big activity was the celebration of Zach's birthday. Rowan and Zane made adorable cards, outside, prior to our table breaking. We had a great birthday celebration Sunday evening, at Aunt Abbey's house. The entire party was planned by Maggie, who is five. It was a book theme complete with book covers hanging from the ceilings, a book shaped cake, and a party 
outside. Maggie lined her hallway with books and so nicely labeled all the rooms of her house, just incase we forgot where things were. It was really adorable and we had a great time. Thanks Maggie. 
 The party planner and the birthday boy by the party tree.
 Yes, Zach and I both had personalized crowns made for us. We were obviously the king and queen of the party!
 Here is the cowboy dance crew. They were the entertainment and were actually much happier than this picture portrays.
Book cake, obviously the decorating was done by the party planner herself.
7. I made a point to take a family photo at this party after being asked to send my mother in law family pictures and realizing that we NEVER take pictures as a family. When we do they obviously involve one of my children looking away or being crazy, but we need to make a better effort at it. So here we  are, yes, Rowan does have a huge cheesy puff in his mouth, but it's the best we can do at this point. 
 Love this picture of Zach and his mini me, again with a cheesy puff.
8.There was lots of baseball played at the birthday party, since Brendan is playing little league this fall. Brendan has gotten pretty good at hitting of hit T, to the point that it might have become a little dangerous in the backyard for little kids. There is one helmet, but five kids, so things got a little interesting and I think he might have switched over to a softer ball by the end of the night. 

 Rowan chilling with Aunt Abbey in the out field.

 9. Here is yet another, hysterical photo of Rowan. This is Rowan in my swim cape, looking like Mikey P!
10. One of our new, semi regular, activities is going to meet Uncle Able for breakfast or coffee before he goes to work and before we head out for our daily errands. The last time we did it I took this adorable pictures of Zane with Uncle Able. This particular day Zane was reading a news paper for the first time and asking Able and I what a news paper was. It was pretty comical trying to explain news papers to a four year old who had never seen one before, because all my news is on my phone of course. How crazy is that? However, there are few things as cute as Zane in Uncle Able's hat.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Korenak Family Branson Vacation 2014

This year we were so blessed to get to go on vacation with our dear friends the Wamsers. As much as I love being in Oklahoma with my family I do desperately miss the people who had become my family in St. Louis. Michelle and I have the kids the same age which makes it that much more fun.
Branson happened to be sort of half way so we rented a log cabin for the weekend and let the fun begin.

Day one we started with the Duck Boat tour of Branson. I wasn't quite sure why we drove around Branson for an hour and then only spent 10 minutes on the lake, which is what all the kids really wanted to do. All the kids thoroughly enjoyed their duck whistles while waiting for the ride to begin. They also looked fantastic in their Cardinals hats!!! Captain Woody kept us entertained once we were on the boats, well not the boys, they feel asleep, but they woke back up in time for the grand entry into water. Zane was a little to sleepy to take his turn at driving the boat, but Jamey took a spin as a junior Caption and did a great job.

 The Wamser and Korenak kids, oh so cute!!
 Captain Jamey at the helm!!

After we road the boats we ate lunch complete with $10 margaritas.  No we did not know they cost ten dollars when we ordered them, oops. I guess that's par for the coarse when you're on vaca. Both afternoons, after nap time, we headed to the pool by our cabin for lots of swimming fun. Turns out Zane doesn't really know how to swim at all without his life jacket, good to know, but slightly terrifying. We definitely have to get back into swim lessons ASAP. The boys took turns jumping into the water, yelling canon ball. Rowan even figured out oh to step off the side down to Zach or I. They were all very adorable and on the second day we had the pool all to ourselves which was just perfect.

In the evenings we rode the kiddy rides at a couple different places. The boys loved all the little rides and the grown up even took a few rides ourselves. Zach might have almost thrown up on the tea cup ride and I felt like the little train might fly right off the rails at any point when I took a ride on the train. Funny thing, the next night, after Zach road the train with the boys, the little train actually did go off the rails. No one at the ride place seemed to be surprised by this, as though this was a common occurrence. So we headed down the road to a different place that had go carts and a miniature ferris wheel. Zane and Jamey road the go carts, which they loved, and the ferris wheel all by themselves.
Of course we had ice cream every night too, of course, it's vacation!!!

Here is the second location, much more fun, should have gone there first.

 Zane and Daddy "going fast!"

My favorite thing I think was the fish hatchery, which was completely free and so fun. There were snakes, turtles, fish, random exhibit on Danger the Freedom Eagle, spiders, and all sorts of fun things to look at inside. Then when we went outside we got to feed the baby fish at the hatchery. It was lots of fun, possibly because it didn't cost a hundred dollars to get in. It was educational and the kids loved seeing all the animals and watching the fish.
 My boys rocking their shades.
 Zane and Rowan checking out the rattle snake that seemed terrifyingly angry!
 Feeding the fish
 Ryan and Ruthie
On Sunday afternoon we went to Branson's Wild World. This was highly over priced, as expected, but there were lots of snakes, reptiles, and scary things. Zane couldn't really focus on looking at all the fun animals because he couldn't wait to hold a snake. When the time came he was a little scared, but ending up very brave, letting the guy put the snake around his neck. There was an arcade and black light mini golf which we ran through. Everyone seemed to have a good time and both boys left with a new snake friend.

All the kids checking out the wolves, that were randomly housed in this place.
 Zane the brave!

 Here are the boys, on our way out of town, cuddling their new snakes. Zane named his tornado, which seemed fitting.

Vacationing with four children four years and under can be very stressful and there was lots of things we could have done, but opted for the laid back approach, with lots of time for napping. We had dance parties, movie time, and lots of fun playing on the porch as well. I loved every minute of it and was so glad we got to spend this time with our dear friends. Jamey and Zane fought like brothers, but were also the best of friends!!! Ruthie and Rowan stood a couple feet apart and looked at each other, not quite sure what to do with each other, but in good news Rowan didn't bite here so I consider it a win! I can't wait for our next family vacation together, this should definitely become a tradition.