Thursday, April 9, 2015

Singing Boys

Work here is harder for the complete opposite reason than it was in St. Louis. There the patient's were heart breaking and the actual physical work was more demanding. Here, mostly by choice, I feel like I don't really have a home, lots of new people, new floors, different patients, and I haven't formed that family feeling that I had in St. Louis. It's fine, I only work two days a week, but those days can be lonely and trying at times. So my extremely warm welcome when I come home is greatly appreciated here.

I am usually greeted with hugs, kisses, and stories from their days at school. Rowan has gotten to where he can tell me things that he did, like "I play" or "go outside." No ground breaking stories being shared, but still a welcome change to be able to communicate with him. They eat most of my super and then it's quickly time for bed.

"I cuddo mamma," is always Rowan's request and tonight our "cuddo" was amazing. Rowan was in rare form, giving lots of kisses, "I kissa you mamma," and requesting all his favorite songs. Not necessarily bedtime songs, but his favorites. Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, ABC Song, Patty Cake, Woof Woof in the Window (How much is that doggie in the window), and of course ending with Little Boy.  Tonight was the first night that he sang all the songs with me and course knew all the hand motions to the songs that had them. Let me just go on record as saying nothing, on God's green earth, is as adorable than a two year old singing Wheels on the Bus or even better a song that I made up. Rowan sang all the words, in his tiny little voice, loud and proud, with his little head on my shoulder.

I could have stayed there, cuddling him, singing Wheels on the Bus repeatedly all night, but soon Rowan requested Daddy cuddles and I was on to the next boy. Zane, randomly, was in rare form with his singing this evening as well. I know that he knows all the words to the various lullabies but he very rarely will sing with me at night. He will sing all the words to songs on the radio, but usually at night he just wants to be cuddled and sung to. But tonight he joined right in, singing in his real, sweet, little boy singing voice, not yelling. His favorite night time song currently is the song Grandma made up for Rowan, which I wasn't sure he knew all the words too, but turns out he dose and did a beautiful job singing it to his stuffed animals.

By the time I was done cuddling and singing to both boys my hug sack was full and I was feeling much better. It was the greatest end to a difficult two days, where smiles and wonderful moments were few and far between. I am so blessed to spend the majority of my time with such wonderful little people, who are always smiling, always ready to play, who laugh a lot, who truly adore me, and whom I as truly adore was well. I try to stay focused on those things and less on the time I spend away. Sometimes that is very difficult, but bedtimes like this evenings always help!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1. Easter prep was in full swing on Friday. We had a practice egg hunt at the house and dyed eggs. Both boys had a great time and were super excited about going to the farm.

2. Easter celebrations at the farm went great. Saturday was gorgeous, Sunday was freezing and windy, but we made do.

 Little boy at the farm!
We attempted to fly kites, though Zane and Rowan's didn't work very well. Everyone ended up sharing and having fun in the wheat field, as usual.
The biggest source of entertainment for the kids is the huge dirt pile in front of mom's house, waiting to become a flower bed. They dug holes and got completely filthy, repeatedly.

3. In the afternoon I went a beautiful run around the section. This is really where I prefer to run, out on the open prairie. I got back in time for an early afternoon fish fry that turned out to be amazingly delicious, courtesy of the Blakley's. 

 Rowan has mastered the art of lounging in the gorgeous weather. He sat here and watched everyone else run around crazy for quite some time.
Rowan's, usually tense, relationship with Uncle Brent seemed to flourish over his love of jumping off this ladder. So that was a good thing to come from this weekend.

4.We got in our Sunday best for Easter Vigil Mass Saturday evening. Zane participated in the creation story again, as did Brendan and Maggie. It was amazing, like it is every time. So glad they got to be a part of it. 

 Cousin picture!

5.When we got home from mass we tried an Easter experiment, planting jelly beans to see if when the Easter bunny came by if they would grow into Lolly Pops, which Zach had heard might happen. In great news it worked and we had a pot full of lolly pops in the morning. Who knew, great, fun, new tradition!

6. The Easter bunny brought lots of goodies as well, with my favorite being Rowan's stuffed Mallard duck, which is hysterical and he loves. Zane was devastated that he didn't get a stuffed animal, but in fairness to the Easter bunny he had gotten a stuffed dinosaur the day before and has stuffed animals running out his ears, which I'm sure the Easter bunny knew.

 This picture is hysterical, "I cuddle my quack quack mamma."

7. We braved the windy, cold morning for an epic Easter egg hunt that sprawled all over mom's huge yard and gardens. I think everyone found plenty of eggs and got lots of candy.

 problem solving how to get the egg off the the arch

8. After naps there was also a Pirate Treasure hunt, complete with gifts at the end. I supervised Maggie and Zane's team, who where very spirited and knew what all the clues meant right away. It was great fun, with chocolate gold coins found along the way. 

 They found their books first, though there we no winners and losers, obviously. 

9. The last funtivity of the weekend was throwing the cascarones at the house and spreading lots of Easter cheer with the confetti they left in front of mom's house. Rowan didn't buy into throwing them and went for the tamer, poke a hole in the end and sprinkle confetti everywhere approach, per his personality. 

 Very Festive!

10. Yesterday the Little Rascals were back on the field and Zane began to find T-ball a little less exciting. He spent a lot of time in center field sitting down or spinning in circles while Zach tried to keep him at least somewhat focused on the game. The struggle was real. He did have a good hit and ran the bases. Meanwhile the other cousins had a great time playing together. We stayed to watch Brendan have a great hit and score in his game, which was after Zane's. Lot of fun at the ball park. I can't wait to see the telephoto pictures of Zane's out fielding that Aunt Abbey took!

 Zane was even bored when he was up to bat. He is shooting people with his bat in this picture.
 Look closely and you can see Zane sitting down in center field.
 Cousin fun

11. Bonus: Yesterday we took an afternoon trip to our park which ended in lots of adorable pictures. Zane and Rowan played wonderfully together, which always makes park so much more enjoyable. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Brotherly Love

The sadness in his face, the utter look of confusion, "Bobo?" "Where are you bobo?" Wandering aimlessly until he finds his brother's face in a crowd of little boys, his brother just as excited to see him. They hug, Zane asks "do you miss me Ro Ro, you can't come and play, you're too little." Then Zane's gone, back on the field with dad, Rowan's second true love, and he is lost again. "What are you doing bobo?" "Where's bobo?" "Zaneyboy.... where are you?" Finally giving up, sitting alone eating raisins on the sidewalk.
This sad scene played out numerous times at Monday nights t-ball game. Rowan and I would sit down with Grandma, then Rowan would realize that his other half was missing, that no one was holding his hand, or chasing him. There was no one there to laugh with or to mimic, he was truly lost. I've never witnessed so many loving, adorable hugs. Rowan took Zane raisins mid game and handed them to him in the dug out through the fence. Zane brought Rowan a hat for him and made sure it fit just right, ending with another hug and kiss. Then Rowan waited patiently outside of the dugout after the game until finally his big brother was back at his side.

 "You're ok Rowan."

This love, between these two, makes every last battle, every last tear, worth it. To know that no matter what, they have a best friend, a buddy, a playmate, that's what it is all about. Currently this love is completely mutual. Zane rarely, if ever, gets tired of his shadow, and thoroughly adores Rowan as well. I know that some day this will change and things won't always be this adorable. But my prayer for these two is that they always are there to give each other hugs, that they grow up together, and not grow apart. I pray that when they are adults that they might be blessed with an amazingly close relationship like I have with my siblings. I'm not sure how to make that happen, so for now it's just prayers and lots of adorable hugging pictures!!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ten Tuesday

1. We are back from our St. Louis trip and thoroughly exhausted. All went well, though I wish we had a few more days to spend there. The highlight, obviously, was the penguins. We braved literally freezing temperatures to go to the zoo and it was well worth it. It was the first time that it was warmer in the penguin exhibit than outside, which was a new experience. We had to go through twice since our first trip through I had my camera on the wrong settings and everything was blurry. Both boys got huge penguins at the end of the day, of course!

 Those are Hoppy Penguins behind him. Zane was beyond thrilled. We can't wait for the polar bears to come in June.

 Zane newest penguin was named Splashy the King. Rowan's has yet to be named, but he is currently calling him P.P. which I don't think is going to work out.

2. Of course the other most see at the St. Louis Zoo is the snake house. Zane, as always, has a love hate relationship with this particular place, but this time he seemed to thoroughly enjoy the big snakes and one of my highlights was watching the huge turtles get a washed. I want to be the guy who sprays down the tortoises with a hose, what a great job. Ro loved the turtles as well.

3. Zane had a lots of fun playing with his best buddy Jamey. Those two have the same loud, fast, crazy, personality which was quite a bit to handle in the Wamsers small duplex. Many thanks to Michelle and Ryan for letting us take over your house for two days. We had so much fun, miss you already. 

 Oh and then there were these two love birds who had a great time as well.

4. Saturday evening a few of my friends came over for dinner. I miss these girls so much. We have been through so many things together and they, and their husbands, are just wonderful people who I wish I could spend everyday with. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. They played with my kids and we all went to bed sad at the thought of not seeing each other for a long time. 

 Becky had the genius idea to let the kids decorate their own cupcakes. They loved it.
 Zane was so excited to reunite with his long lost best friend Miss Allie, who let him eat all the icing he wanted.
I swear Allie and I hadn't had that much to drink. Just a great time.

5. On Sunday we spent the day visiting Zach's family, including his Grandmother who we hadn't seen in a long time. I was so glad we got to catch up with her. The boys were amazed at the fact that she was Grammi's mom, hard to wrap your head around. It is always so touching to watch the very young interact with the very old, both at different ends of life. Zane took Great Grandma downstairs and played restaurant with her for a long time and gave her lots of big hugs. It was so sweet!

6. There was a lot of time spent in the car during all this fun and on our late night drive to Springfield things got a little crazy. I learned that Zane knows all the words to Taylor Swift's Blank Space and Rowan spent a large portion of the trip trying to get Zane's underwear on. We sang, danced, and all stayed awake until we got to the hotel and finally crashed. Just to wake up and have another 4.5 hours ahead of us on Monday. Well worth it, but I never cease to be amazed at how exhausting sitting in a car doing nothing can really be. 
 Did get to see this beauty quite a bit from the road.
 All naps were taken in the car during this trip, with lots of stuffed animal friends.
 Silly boy!

7. The big news, that really should have been on last weeks blog, is that last week Zach was named head of Electrical Engineering at Guernsey Architecture and Engineering Firm. It's a big promotion and he has his work cut out for him from what I hear. He moved into his big new office today which I think made it official. I'm so proud of him and am sure he will do a wonderful job. 

 8. Last night, after spending the morning driving, Zane had his second t-ball game. He was much less energetic this go around, barely able to stay standing for most of it. Luckily he was in center field, so not as much pressure as his pitcher spot last week. The Little Rascals look much improved and were much more evenly matched with their opponents this week. The hats came in this week as well and we all wore them with great pride. Zane got two hits and ran the bases like a pro! 

 High fiving dad after his play in center!

9. This morning we met Grandma and Maggie at the same park as the ball fields to get a closer look at the gorgeous tulips. We had lots of spring fun, including a picnic, tree climbing, dog petting, and animal tracking. Great nature fun!

10. Next up is Easter, which I realized today I am zero percent prepared for and work the next two days. I need to get a hold of the Easter Bunny to make sure he has everything pulled together because I do not. We are excited for Easter fun at the farm this weekend. Easter is really the best time to be at the farm. I'm hoping no one gets the stomach bug this year so we can thoroughly enjoy it. Happy Early Easter to everyone!!