Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. Friday we took Able and Kari downtown for a day of St. Louis fun. Kari had never been here before and sadly the extremely foggy morning really didn't do the Arch justice. We rode in the eggs up to the top and had a wonderful view of a cloud. This was Zane and Rowan's first arch experience as well, so a big day all around.

 Kari and Able
The boys and I in front of the arch. True St. Louis Kids

2. After seeing the Arch we took a stroll around downtown over to City Garden. I have been meaning to take Zane there, but wasn't sure about parking. Zane loved it and we have to go again soon, hopefully via metro so our day could include a train ride too. We got Kari some toasted Rav's before heading homes for naps. That's a STL morning.

Classic St Louis picture
 Uncle Able and Zane jumping on the rocks.
 Zane loved the splash pad.

3. In the midst of our outdoor fun Friday evening I managed to step on some sort of wasp, or stinging creature, and got stung on the bottom of my foot. This is about the worst place to sustain a sting, especially when you have to work two, twelve hour, days over the weekend. My foot got nice and swollen and was terribly painful all weekend at work. Luckily I came home early on Saturday and neither day was too busy, but a terribly annoying injury non the less.

4. Rowan has started actually eating some real food over the past week. So far he has had carrots and pees with only about a teaspoon per sitting, but it's a start. He hasn't thrown up or thrown too big of a fit with it, so maybe we are getting there, very slowly.

5. Zane's potty training has taken a turn for the worse over the past week, for no explainable reason. Poop accidents at school and at home. This has led to Woody and Buzz being in the closet and working towards getting them back. The problem with Zane is that he doesn't care about anything that he might get taken away or loose privileges to. This makes disciplining him very difficult and highly annoying. I refuse to go back to some sort of reward system for every time he goes, that was the whole point of the potty party, to end those shenanigans. He also had zero accidents for a month and a half so I know he can do it. Unbelievably frustrating and soooo beyond tired of dealing with this.

6. We have been lucky with summer weather this year, with lots of days that have been in the 70s or 80s and not a lot of 90s with high humidity. Yesterday felt like real STL summer outside though, so we were confined to our little house. We had upstairs painting time after naps, which isn't my favorite, due to the mess, but kept him entertained for quite some time. Yesterday's art time was brought to you by the color red. After his first freelance painting he wanted to paint animal pictures all red. He carefully colored the entire page red and was so proud of himself. Quotes from this activity included "it's amazing" "it's so beautiful" "Mamma, I like red, you like red?" "Mamma, you want to watch me a little bit?" Side note: Later in the evening we did get some ice cream from the ice cream truck, so summer does have it's up sides.

7. Yesterday was a sleeping day for Rowan. After a difficult morning I had both boys to sleep and was going to try to exercise instead of sleep, which is what I would usually do. After getting ready, and finally started, Ro woke up ten minutes later and was having none of  his multiple different containment devices. So my exercise session ended and I was left frustrated and stressed out about how I am ever going to loose weight. I think the only option is loosing more sleep in order to exercise, i.e. staying up later, which I am not excited about or motivated to do. Later in the day I managed to get my eight minute abs routine done while we were downstairs. It took much longer than eight minutes and I had a splitting headache when I was done. Sigh......

8. This Sunday Rowan is getting baptized. Baptisms carry a lot of emotional weight for me, since Zane's baptism was the last time I saw my dad. Zane got baptized at about six weeks old because his heart was going to be stopped soon, so we needed to baptism him to cover all our bases. We waited longer with Ro, partly due to scheduling conflicts, and partly to enjoy the fact that we didn't "need" to get him baptized right away. My mom and sister (the Godmother), Zach's family, and Zach's friend Adam (the Godfather) will all be here for the event. In planning the meal I realized I don't remember any of the day of Zane's baptism, no surprise there.

9. The new computer is in and with it comes learning the new Windows 8 system. I don't really want to use any of the new gadgets or apps on this computer because I have a smart phone and an iPad. But I'm trying to not pull a dad and be open to new technology. So far I am loving that it turns on without any issues. The bar was set really low for this one.

10. Lastly, in what is becoming a regular segment on my blog, my Spice of the week recommendation this week is Peruvian Chili Lime. This has been a favorite of mine for a while, but my most recent recipe find for Peruvian Chili Lime Turkey Burgers has taken up to the next level. I previously used this pretty much instead of regular chili powder in things or to add a little spice to random dishes, but this turkey burger recipe is amazing. We made turkey burger sliders, since we happened to have small buns, but could also see myself morphing it into turkey meat balls dipped in the awesome sauce or stuffing peppers with this mixture of turkey meat and deliciousness (these ideas are from Abbey and Able and give them full credit). Check out the recipe here and as always feel free to call Savory Spice Shop OKC (405-525-9119)to get some Peruvian Chili Lime added to your spice cabinet ASAP.

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